3 Things Elon Musk Got Right About The Return To The Office (And Some He Got Wrong)

He got it wrong, but also partially right in his letter to employees. Getty Images True to his persona, Elon Musk has created quite a stir with his letter to his employees about the return to the office. There’s a lot there for management gurus to analyze—and much that isn’t positive—which can be cautionary for … Read more

Lands’ End Slowdown Is Part Of Retail Malaise

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images) Getty Images Lands’ End said that first quarter 2022 sales fell 5.5 percent and blamed “unprecedented inflation in food and fuel”, according to CEO Jerome Griffith. “The customer was looking for comfortable, casual clothes a year ago since he was working at home.” That is true and created a spike … Read more

Pandemic headache: US businesses still struggling with inventories

More than two years into the coronavirus pandemic, American businesses are still struggling to manage their inventors in a feast-or-famine cycle caused by fickle consumer demand. “We have way too much inventory right now,” said Ginny Pasqualone, chief executive of Sparkledots, a children’s clothing manufacturer. “It’s important that we have a large selection of merchandise … Read more

LogiNext launches carbon footprint calculator

Logistics and Transportation is a critical area where enterprises can use automation to and reduce GHG emissions. | Sustainability is more important than ever before. In a survey conducted by Gartner, more than 50 percent of respondents comprising enterprise brands mentioned sustainability as ‘very important’ and another 30 percent as ‘somewhat important’ meaning that more … Read more