More than a year later, some hospitals still don’t comply with Hospital Price Transparency Law

The hospital price transparency law requires hospitals to list the cash prices for procedures on their websites, requiring them to be easily accessible and allow patients to compare cash prices with insurance. In a study released this week, JAMA analyzed 5,000 hospitals nationwide and found that just fewer than 6% were fully compliant with the … Read more

Allbirds Tree Flyer Sneaker Built for Long Distance Running + Photos

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Allbirds recently launched the Tree Flyer, its first long-distance running sneaker. The Tree Flyer uses Allbirds’ newly-innovated bio-based SwiftFoam midsole to better reduce impact. See our review of Allbirds’ first-ever long-distance performance running sneaker, below. Loading Something is loading. In May … Read more

Roaring ’20s ‘Caviar Bump’ Is Status Symbol for Millennials, Gen Z: NYT

Licking caviar off your hand is the latest trend among Millennials and Gen Zers, the NYT reports. Caviar has become more affordable and accessible in recent years. It’s the latest piece of the ‘old money’ aesthetic that’s captivating young people. Loading Something is loading. Some millennials and Gen Zers are hankering for a bump — … Read more

DVIDS – News – Corrosives and Cornhole: Bliss Garrison combines safety training, Org day

What do you get when you combine hazardous materials with a competitive game of Cornhole? The latest US Army Garrison Fort Bliss Safety Stand Down and Organizational Day. In support of the Fort Bliss Safety Program and the US Army Combat Readiness Center’s Spring/Summer safety campaign, the garrison workforce and family members gathered at Biggs … Read more

Hotels Push Casual, Conversational Social Media Posts To Drive Engagement

The marketing landscape has drastically changed in recent years, due in large part to the popularity of social media. Hotels across the United States have picked up on the trend, tailoring their marketing strategies around online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. “Over the past few years, in my opinion, it’s revolutionized the way … Read more

Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-BQ tries fast casual—emphasis on fast

Five Jim ‘N Nick’s restaurants have switched to counter service. / Photograph courtesy of Jim ‘N Nick’s After nearly 40 years as a strictly full-service barbecue concept, Jim ‘N Nick’s Community Bar-BQ is shaking things up. For the past year and a half, the 38-unit, Alabama-based chain has been shifting from servers to counter service … Read more

Four-day week: Which countries have embraced it and how’s it going so far?

Conversations around the four-day workweek have been reignited by the COVID-19 pandemic, with workers and employers rethinking the importance of workplace flexibility and benefits. The idea is simple – employees would work four days a week while getting paid the same and earning the same benefits, but with the same workload. Companies their reducing workweek … Read more

6 things to do in Springfield, Illinois on the weekend of June 10

Opportunities to connect, give back and relax highlight what’s happening in Springfield this weekend. Looking for something to do this weekend? Below are six activities to possibly check out. As always, check with venues for COVID-19 protocols or restrictions and for any last-minute postponements or cancellations. On Par for Pediatrics Prepare for friendly competition with … Read more