Restaurant review: STK Steakhouse brings over-the-top glam to Bellevue at Canlis-level prices — is it worth it?

A VERY SHINY, very red bull stands outside the doors of STK Steakhouse in Bellevue. While smaller than longhorn life-size, this fiberglass mascot is plenty impressive for the sidewalk across from The Cheesecake Factory, and both patrons of STK and passersby stop to take selfies. Not everybody notices the prominence of the bull’s, well, bullness … Read more

‘When the cleaner is off, I do the dishes’ – The Irish Times

“Life is all about compromises,” says Louis Copeland with a certain mischievousness. The 73-year-old Dubliner is talking about his complicated feelings around the pedestrianisation of Capel Street. Having initially slammed Dublin City Council’s decision, the tailor and self-promoter extraordinaire has softened his tone on the issue, even lying down on the empty thoroughfare to do … Read more

How to Calculate Blended Overtime in 2022

Image source: Getty Images Blended overtime is used to calculate pay for employees who work shifts at different pay rates during the same pay period. The Ascent guides you through calculating blended overtime. Most small business owners wear multiple hats and run around all day like a headless chicken trying to complete many different kinds … Read more

What to Wear to Work in 2022

You have to admit, up until recently, claiming you had “nothing to wear” was a slightly dramatic declaration. Chances are, you had something to wear, you just didn’t feel like putting an outfit together. And that’s fine, no judgments here. But then Covid happened, and the majority of us spent a solid two years and … Read more