VC ‘bottom feeders,’ valuation calculator, think like an investor – TechCrunch

Farmers don’t get embarrassed when the price of corn drops; Similarly, there’s no reason for startup founders to lose their joy because publicly traded tech stocks are undercutting their valuations. If making as much money as you can is your primary goal, however, prepare to be disappointed. Accepting a down round or a smaller seed … Read more

Are Drawstring Pants the Ideal Men’s Back-to-Work Trousers? When They’re This Spiffy, Yes.

Peter Zottolo, a photographer and electrician in California’s Bay Area, has a secret. His favorite pants, a pleated navy pair from Japanese brand Camoshita, have an elasticated waist and a drawstring that he can tighten or loosen on a whim. When he wears a button-down shirt or sweater that conceals these features, “they just look … Read more

QDOBA Finds a New Digital Growth Lever

In the nearly two-and-a-half years since the pandemic began, countless brands have converted typical hero items—burgers, pizzas, and tacos—into virtual brands to better meet customer convenience. QDOBA wanted its share of these digital incremental gains, but in a somewhat atypical fashion. The fast casual launched a new concept that leverages one of its most popular … Read more

Four more restaurants just closed in Rockland, Westchester; here’s why

Severe staff shortages caused the closing of one northern Westchester restaurant last month, while another, featured on the Travel Channel in 2017, quietly shut its doors without much notice. So, too, did a Port Chester spot which never recovered from damage incurred from Hurricane Ida last September. In Sparkill, a longtime Rockland restaurateur is passing … Read more

Business casual and the C-suite

The Only Black Guy in the Office is co-published with LEVEL. It wasn’t even noon and I was already on my fifth backhanded compliment of the day. I stepped into our Seattle office wearing a navy blue suit from SuitSupply, tailored to fit me like a glove. The occasion? A benefit dinner I was attending … Read more