5 Rules For Men To Ace Smart Casuals Like A Style Pro

One of the many useful style trends in menswear is smart casuals or business casuals which lets you have the best of both worlds. It was probably a fashion breakthrough when someone decided you could pair a blazer with your denims or a suit with sneakers and look comfortably stylish and smart all at the same time.

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However, it can be a bit tricky to get the style right. Knowing the dress code, which clothing items lie in the category and knowing how to pair to find a perfect balance between work and play is the ultimate key to nail this style. There are some rules to wear by so you never get it wrong.

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Here are five such rules to stick by in order to nail smart casuals like a true blue style pro.

1. Strike A Perfect Balance

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Pair your formals and semi formal appropriately to look cool, but not too cool for school. It means that you should make sure your outfit is part casual and part formal. Snub a crisp shirt with a solid T-shirt for a summer blazer and jeans outfit but wear loafers or smart slip-ons to make it look balanced.

2. The Fit Has To Be Perfect

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For your smart casual outfit to look dressy and formal, the fit is important. You could wear chinos or a henley’s T-shirt or even a button-down pullover but as long as it’s baggy or not well-fitted, it won’t look smart. Even relaxed fits you pick have to be perfect in size and not look like you borrowed from your older brother.

3. Steer Clear Of Ripped Or Distressed Clothes

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Don’t get overboard with the casual style. It still has to look like you mean business, not very serious business but still it is business at the end of the day. Ripped or torn jeans, worn-out looking shoes, logo tees, leather jackets and basically anything that screams street style has to be excluded from your smart casual style.

4. Dress To The Occasion

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There’s a fine line between formals and casual. Smart casuals blur that line but it’s important to find where that lies so you are never underdressed or overdressed for an occasion. You can wear smart casuals to social events, an informal office meeting, after-work dinners with colleagues and even a first date (if the setting is such and you want to dress to impress). They are not recommended for black tie affairs and official business meetings.

5. Accessorizing It Well

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While a tie is not the right fit for business casuals, you can wear luxury watches, classy spectacles or sunglasses, carry a messenger bag and even wrap a neck scarf around to make your basic outfit look uber stylish. Not to mention, the right footwear can make or break your look so choose the right pick according to your outfit.


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