AlexaTurns 4: Amazon’s Alexa sees increased customer interactions in 2021

  • Played 21.6 lakh songs every day
  • Responded to 2.6 lakh requests for controlling smart home appliances every day
  • Answered 1.7 lakh questions every day

Amazon India announced the fourth anniversary of Alexa in India. Millions of users have adopted Alexa’s voice service in Indian households in the last four years. Customers interact with Alexa multiple times a day in English, Hindi, and Hinglish on various Echo devices. Last year, the number of customer interactions in India increased by 68% since the previous year, with almost 50% of customers from non-metro cities.

Customers from India interacted with Alexa with requests as diverse as asking for their favorite music to a compliment for themselves, from calling friends and family to expressing their love for Alexa, from queries related to health and wellness to controlling smart home appliances, and much more .

Here is a sneak peek of the most popular requests to Alexa in 2021:

Entertainment with Alexa:

  • Alexa entertained customers with a wide range of music by playing over 21.6 lakh songs every day.
  • From the kids songs like Baby Shark and regional songs like Enjoy Enjaami, to devotional songs like Hanuman Chalisa were the top most requested songs.

Control smart home with Alexa:

  • Customers embraced the simplicity of voice controlling smart home appliances with Alexa by making over 2.6 lakh requests every day.
  • The Alexa smart home selection increased by 72% (YoY) with new products under categories such as smart lights, plugs, fans, TVs, security cameras, ACs, water heaters, and air purifiers from brands like Xiaomi, One Plus, Hindware, and Atomberg.

Alexa, the companion:

  • Customers loved to begin and end their day with Alexa, infact customers wished “Alexa, good morning” and “Alexa, good night” 11,520 times every day
  • Customers also took to Alexa when they were low, they asked, “Alexa, meri tareef karo” 7,200 times every day.
  • Customers continued to fall in love with Alexa by saying “Alexa, I love youand, “Alexa, will you marry me?” each 5,700 times every day.

Alexa, the Primary source of information:

  • From sports, movie dialogues, and word definitions to tough math problems, weather, and the latest stock market updates, customers quizzed Alexa with a wide range of queries. Alexa fielded 1.7 lakh requests per day about cricket, Bollywood and Indian festivals.
  • During the peak of wave two of the pandemic, customers asked 11,500 questions every day about Covid, health and wellness related topics.

Shopping with Alexa

  • Alexa responded to over 8.6 lakh requests every day on the Amazon shopping app and helped customers find products, answer product-related questions, pay bills and even play music.

It has definitely been 4 years of growth for Alexa– constantly working towards improved technology and forging new experiences for the consumer. Amazon is hoping to see more households adopt and work towards making smarter growth with Alexa in the future.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Amazon India


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