Apple iPad Air 2022: Price, Release Date, Features

  • Apple announced a new version of the iPad Air during its March 8 event following a two-year wait.
  • The new 2022 iPad Air runs on the same M1 processor as the iPad Pro and some MacBooks.
  • Apple’s starting the price at $600, and for preorders open on March 11, with full availability on March 18.

Apple announced a new version of the iPad Air during its March 8 event with new features and specifications that makes it closer to the current iPad Pro series.

With that in mind, it’s a bad time to buy an iPad Pro, as we’d expect Apple to make significant upgrades to upcoming iPad Pro models to differentiate them from the new 2022 iPad Air.

2022 iPad Air price and release date

The new 2022 iPad Air will start at the same $600 price as the previous iPad Air, while adopting a new processor inside among other upgrades. Preorders for the new iPad Air start on March 11 here.

Apple will fully release the new iPad Air for general purchase on March 18. Wi-Fi + Cellular models start at $750.

You can prepare your preorder now — setting your color, storage, and accessory options — and save it for actually purchasing when preorders go live on March 11.

What’s new with the 2022 iPad Air?

The new 2022 iPad Air runs on Apple’s M1 processor that’s also found in the current iPad Pro models, as well as some of the company’s MacBook laptops. Apple says the M1 chip in the new iPad Air is 60% faster than the A14 Bionic processor in the previous 2020 iPad Air. It also says that graphics performance is twice as fast as the previous iPad Air.

It also features an ultrawide front Facetime camera with Center Stage, a feature that lets the camera automatically follow you around a room during a video call. All current iPads now feature Center Stage.

Apple also added 5G connectivity to Wi-Fi + Cellular models of the new 2022 iPad Air, which should bring significantly faster data speeds when connected to certain 5G networks, like mmWave.



port on the new 2022 iPad Air has also been upgraded to be twice as fast as the previous iPad Air’s USB-C port. It should let users transfer photos and videos to external hard drives more quickly.

Apple’s latest iPad Air model takes on the M1 processor and many more upgrades for the same $600 starting price.

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