Applying for a job in Virginia? Here’s what you should know

STAUNTON — Hiring signs are still in nearly every business window. Hours at restaurants and fast food places are limited or infrequent.

The question is why?

The jobs are there, but people aren’t applying. The jobs that are out there aren’t paying enough for people to live on, according to an analysis from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

An article by Statista said the minimum wage does even begin to cover normal living expenses in any state of the entire country, but Virginia, Hawaii and Georgia, where the living wage gap exceeded $8 per hour, were the worst.

Virginia’s minimum wage is $9.50 per hour.

There’s a large gap between minimum wage and the living wage.

What is the living wage? It’s the hourly rate that an individual in a household must earn to support his or herself and their family, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said.

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