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Graduate student creates small business

Leticia Liakopulos, MS in Information Systems and Analytics

Undergraduate Program: Information Systems and Supply Chain Management major; Finance minor
Graduate Program: MS in Information Systems and Analytics ’22
Occupation: Data Coder and Jewelry Entrepreneur

Leticia Liakopulos has always loved jewelry. During her Quinlan undergraduate program, the time was finally right to figure out how to combine this love of jewelry and her business education. In 2020 she launched her jewelry business, House of Clío, with the help of her Loyola professors and classmates.

How did your business education help?

My information system skills have helped me create a website and the database for the business. My finance background allowed me to present House of Clío as a serious business. Being able to have studied all these aspects and more at Quinlan was amazing.

It’s impressive how Quinlan allows you to branch out and experiment in what part of business you want to be a part of. I mean, I had a double major in information systems and supply chain management and a minor in finance but now I’m doing creating and selling jewelry.

Why involve Loyola alumni and students?

I am graduating so I wanted to leave a legacy here. I am not from Chicago, but Loyola became home to me. Everyone involved in the House of Clío either studies or studied at Loyola from the photographer, camera assistant, and models to the founders and designers. Plus, Loyola professors helped me with ideas for the business.

This was a project really close to my heart. I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who helped. They really did such an amazing job with this collection.

Why choose Quinlan?

After my undergraduate degree, I really wanted to keep learning from the same professors, who I know are amazing. Quinlan is not only a school, but it is also a community of supportive professors. When I told my undergraduate professors I had to go to home for Panama Fashion Week, where House of Clío was featured, they were extremely understanding and supportive.

Advice for students

Always try to do your best and challenge yourself. Never, never, be in your comfort zone. If you’re out of your comfort zone, that’s the only place you will learn and grow. That’s the thing, you must keep on pushing yourself and do what you like.

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