At Pabst Blue Ribbon 10K 2022, drinks goes down and donations go up

What started as a Happy Hour lark with 75-cent beers has grown into an event that has raised nearly $325,000 for charitable causes since 2009 amid towers of empty beer cans, live music, raucous merrymaking and even one couple who tied the knot during the chaos — and, remarkably, are still married.

Meet the PBR10K, which involves no running but plenty of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer drinking and generosity. This year’s edition rolls around May 14 at the Shamrock Club, 60 W. Castle Road, on the South Side.

The idea: For $75 per ticket, revelers gather to quaff PBRs toward the grand total of 10,000, all in the name of good works spearheaded by the Parker Lee Foundation, the nonprofit behind the PBR that promotes charitable groups and causes in Greater Columbus.

Pabst Blue Ribbon: A brief look at the beer’s long history

In addition to as much of the eponymous beer as attendees feel like drinking, this year’s festivities will also feature a catered food buffet (included with admission), four bands, beer pong (of course) and cornhole. The Shamrock Club’s cash bar will be open for folks who want something other than PBR.

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