Better Business Bureau warns grandparent scams rising in Canton area

The 79-year-old Hartville woman thought her grandson was hurt and in legal trouble. That’s what the caller said.

The caller claimed to be an attorney and said her 37-year-old grandson was injured and responsible for a bad accident. He could face jail time.

The caller told the woman, 79, that her grandson would need $8,500 cash for bond. She should send the money via UPS.

“Back of my mind, I had questions,” said the widow, who asked that her name not be used because of fear.

But the caller was persistent, calling multiple times, until she complied with his request. She withdrew money from her bank and followed the instructions, becoming a victim of an emergency scam.

What is the ‘Grandparent scam?’

The scam — also, known as the “grandparent scam” — preys on senior citizens pressuring them with false stories about helping family or friends out of legal or medical trouble.

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