BitSignal NFC card sends information with just a tap

Trade in those business cards at the bottom of your desk drawer for something more cutting edge with the BitSignal Touchless Business Card. It shares your information with just a tap.

Digitize your business interactions with the BitSignal Touchless Business Card. This NFC card sends your business information to new contacts with just a tap. And it comes in a range of cool styles.

Does carrying around a business card feel a little anachronistic these days? Since pretty much everything comes in a digital format, it’s time for your business card to catch up. That’s the idea behind the BitSignal Touchless NFC Card.

This clever gadget acts as your digital business card. Simply tap it to another person’s phone to send your custom data and give access to blogs, websites, videos, and more.

Customize your business information

Traditional business cards have their limitations. Space is a big one. The small cards simply don’t have much room for information, so you may have to leave some things out.

This NFC card, on the other hand, lets you share pretty much anything a client or prospective might want to know about you and your work. In fact, your BitSignal Touchless Business Card connects easily to the digital card.

There, you can showcase your videos, websites, social links, and much more. This makes it easier for potential clients and contacts to see and gain a better understanding of your work.

Now, instead of having to locate your paper business card to find your website, potential clients can access this information from the card on their phone.

BitSignal Touchless Business Card in a video

Send information with just a light touch

To send your digital business card information to another person, lightly tap the NFC card to your prospective client’s smartphone. Don’t worry if you come into contact with an older smartphone—the company included a custom QR code that takes visitors to your information.

BitSignal Touchless Business Card with people

Set appointments and send messages

With a paper business card, contacts have to dial your phone number or send an email to get in touch. Yet, with the BitSignal Touchless Business Card, even this is streamlined.

Because, when you or another person want to get in touch, you can schedule appointments and send messages right from your profile. Yes, it’s that easy.

Choose a stylish digital business card

It’s true that traditional business cards can easily display any design. But, despite its tech, the BitSignal Touchless Business Card also looks great.

In fact, this touchless NFC business card has a cyber-themed mesh design, making it look just as futuristic as what it does. Then, with various color options and styles to choose from—light blue, white, and black and fluorescent green Cybernetic Hex, to name a few—this NFC card can match your style and business.

Update your contact information any time

If you change your phone number or website while using a traditional business card, you either need to print a new batch or handwrite the change. Neither solution is desirable.

But, with the BitSignal Touchless Business Card, information changes don’t pose a challenge. That’s because you can update it at any time.

So when you change the name of your blog or add a new email address, it’s not the end of your cards. Simply make the changes on the integrated software. The information will be updated for anyone who accesses your digital business card.

Go for a durable NFC business card

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about the BitSignal Touchless Business Card. Made of plastic-like materials, it’s flexible and can stand up to daily use. It’s also water resistant, so you can store it in the same bag as your water bottle.

Select a better way to connect

Overall, the BitSignal Touchless Business Card gives your business contacts a much better way to learn about you and connect. Apart from the capabilities above, you could also use this NFC card to put others in touch with apps, online portfolios, and general contact information.

No matter your profession, this cool business card lets you put your best foot forward in a tech-friendly way.

Take your business conferences and chance meetings to the 21st century with the BitSignal Touchless Business Card. It connects you to the digital business card where visitors can check out your websites, portfolios, videos, shops, social information, and so much more. Add it to your professional setup.

The BitSignal Touchless Business Card costs $11.95 on the official website. What are some of your favorite gadgets for work? Let us know about them in the comments.

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