Bolstering Business Brands with Discover® Global Network White Label Credit Cards

Businesses hoping to issue personalized credit cards – rejoice! There is a great way to provide US cardholders access to over 60 million merchant locations in over 200 countries and territories without sacrificing brand centrality: adopt the Discover® Global Network (DGN) White Label Credit program. With top-slot network capabilities and unparalleled flexibility to meet the needs of both businesses and cardholders, the Discover® Global Network White Label Credit program delivers the best of all worlds.

What is white labeling?

White labeling refers to a product that is produced by one company, but bears the branding and logo of a different company that directly provides the product to consumers. The benefit of using white labeling is that you can take advantage of a successful existing product without having to devote time and resources to building or maintaining that product.

Discover offers the opportunity for businesses to issue credit cards under their own brand while accessing the Discover® Global Network merchant network and payments infrastructure. Businesses will need an issuing partner, and Discover will serve as the network.

Flexible options

The Discover® Global Network supports two different White Label Credit Card programs: general-purpose and Restricted Authorization Network (RAN).

  • The general-purpose option provides cardholders the ability to make purchases everywhere Discover is accepted.
  • The Restricted Authorization Network allows issuing FIs to customize and confine acceptance to particular merchants or merchant categories.

Depending on cardholder populations, issuers can open up access to all Discover-accepting merchants, or limit acceptance to specific merchant categories. If, for example, a business wanted to issue a travel card through RAN, the card could be designed for acceptance only with airlines, restaurants, and ride shares. The customizable preferences are virtually unlimited and easily adjustable.

Broad functionality

Across both program offerings partners will have all the features needed to run a successful credit card program:

  • Chip and contactless functionality
  • ATM access
  • Cash at Checkout
  • Mobile wallet access
  • Token services
  • Closed-loop / On-Us acceptance

The partner has complete control of card branding: both general-purpose and RAN cards contain only the merchant or bank branding on the front of the card.

Discover brings choice and brand boosting

At the end of the day, each business or financial institution knows its customers best; knows its goals and risk strategy best; and knows what type of white label credit card experience is best for them. Bringing a credit card product to market requires a strong partnership with leading-edge capabilities, and the Discover® Global Network delivers all that while keeping the partner’s brand front and center.

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