Commissioners did not rack up credit card charges

HAINES CITY — In February, mysterious credit card purchases were brought to light at a Haines City commission meeting, with commissioners vehemently denying they had anything to do with the charges.

Last Thursday, they were vindicated.

At a February city commission meeting, it was revealed that between Nov. 11, 2021 and Feb. 22, 2022, the city made 310 acquisitions totaling $71,397 with its credit cards, according to records.

A further breakdown of those charges showed that 34 purchases, totaling a little less than $5,000, were linked to credit cards previously thought to be attributed to three city commission seats. But on Thursday, City Clerk Erica Anderson cleared up that perception at the invitation of Mayor Anne Huffman.

“I’m trying to clear my name,” Huffman said.

The credit cards in question were numbered three through five, which is why they were thought to be linked to commission seats three through five, occupied by Commissioner Morris West, Commissioner Roy Tyler and Huffman. But the cards in question belong to the city clerk’s office, Anderson said.

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