Concerned citizens group to host Field Day, public invited to meet local candidates

Citizens in Hampton County will have an opportunity to meet, have fun, and greet their local candidates during an upcoming Field Day.

Hampton County Citizens for Active Restoration (HCCAR) is planning a community-wide Field Day on Saturday, May 14, 11 am – 3 pm, at the Wade Hampton High School Horseshoe and Track Field.

But what is this event all about?

For the love of Hampton County

HCCAR is an organization that gives hope and promise to the Hampton County community, said one of its key members, Randy Vaughn.

“The planned Field Day is a way to bring our community together,” said Vaughn. “Hampton County has suffered significant pain and unfortunate circumstances over the past couple of years. In concert with the COVID-19 pandemic, the community has seen so many legal disputes, misspending of tax dollars, defunding of the school system, and failure to follow a 2012 Ordinance approved by the voters of Hampton County. better communication, accountability, and transparency in the daily operation of government.”

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