Creative Parenting For A Strong Lifelong Bond | Keya Murthy, MS, C.Ht.

I’ve lived in the United States for 30 years and in the past 20, as a Gen Xer myself, I have heard a lot of complaints from Baby Boomers about Millennials.

Each time I hear Millennials being trashed by Baby Boomers, I remember all the talk back from my youth that cultivated a “generation gap.”

Growing up in India, I used to hear the phrase “generation gap” flung around a lot in conversation. Either the older folks complained out loud about their children, or children complained among themselves about their parents.

When kids trash talk about their parents, I can call them ungrateful, but when parents trash talk their kids, I have only one question racing through me: “Who raised them?”

And then I wonder if their relationship with their kids would be more palatable if they had decided to get a little more creative as parents.

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What is creative parenting and how does it help build bonds with children?

Within two weeks of my older son being born, my 3-year-old daughter came to me and said, “I thought you loved me but you don’t love me anymore.”


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