Denison opens time capsule after 50 years

Residents of Denison got a view of the city from 50 years ago this week as leaders opened the city’s official time capsule. The capsule, which was sealed in 1972, commemorated the city’s 100th anniversary and was opened as a part of the city’s ongoing 150th anniversary celebrations.

The copper box contained letter, photos, historic documents and other items from the city’s 100th anniversary festivities. Some attendees at the opening ceremony were able to receive letters from ancestors who placed them half a century ago.

“It is really neat to look at what they thought was important and what they wanted to commemorate this year,” Eisenhower Birthplace State Historic Site Manager John Akers said.

A copy of the Denison Herald was among the items recovered from the 1972 Denison time capsule which was opened this week.

The time capsule took an unusual route to the year 2022 and was thought missing for some time. It was recently rediscovered in nearly plain site in the lead up to the 150th anniversary.

“It was used that summer to collect all the items from the centennial celebration, and then they were supposed to bury it in the library,” City Council member and local historians Brian Hander said. “The library went through a big remodel and never got placed there. It was supposedly stored, and then there was a theory it got loaned out in the 90s for a party.”

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