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Donna Probes

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Have you ever been with a person who could captivate your attention for long periods of time with their great storytelling abilities? When marketing your business or product, there are lessons to be learned from this kind of skill.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you must be able to clearly communicate what your company identity is and why it is of value to others. This is where the storytelling comes in.

Any good marketer knows that there are key elements that must be weaved into the story you tell your customers and clients about your product. You must be 100% truthful; you must show how your product or service will solve a problem; you must fulfill a need; and, above all, you must be credible.

To achieve these goals, your pitch requires facts about your service or product that can be backed up and proven; testimonials to help verify these claims and a tangible satisfaction guarantee your customers can count on.

Our SCORE friends at the Lawton Gallagher Group stress this heavily when creating marketing strategies for their clients. They break down the complex principles of marketing by asking some simple questions: Does what you are selling matter? Will it be beneficial? Will it advance a cause and create goodness for the buyer?

If the answer to these questions is “Yes” then you need to tell your story loud and proud with truth and integrity. Over-stating or making false claims about your product will always come back to hurt your efforts at the end. Authenticity will always win out.

The best and most captivating storytellers can weave facts, images, emotions and sequences of events together in a way that is real and believable. As you tell the story of your business, remember that you are vying for the attention of your customer in a sea of ​​distractions.

Have you ever walked through a marketplace in a South American country? Every vendor is calling out, trying to find a way to lure you into their booth. Once they get your attention and you begin to engage with them, the chances of them making a sale are very good. This is a good analogy for the worldwide marketplace.

So, when you tell your story, you need to find the right elements that will stand out above all the noise and visual pollution. Sometimes it is just as simple as being humble and real.

So be real with your first-time buyers. This is the first step in changing them from being a customer (one-time buyer) to a client (a returning buyer). This opens the door for a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. And, it is these kinds of relationships that will sustain your bottom line.

In the complexity of our world, simplicity, goodwill, friendliness, fairness and truth will always increase your chances of beating out the competition.

Telling your story with clarity and honesty is the best way to win over your buyers.


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