Double down on business… cards

New data from Aura Print suggests you could double your sales and boost your margins by joining its army of resellers and instantly expanding your business card offering.

If you re-sell business card printing, our team at Aura Print wants to help you shake up how you do business. Our latest customer survey and sales data, which is highlighted in our Aura Print blog, shows how customer demand is shifting and that if you’re not re-selling a full range of business cards, you could be missing out on double your effective sales .

Standard isn’t an option
Our survey data shows 56% of customers choose to upgrade their business cards to a more luxurious, premium finish instead of the industry standard 350gsm when presented with the opportunity. In fact, it’s clear that a broad offering of substrates and finishes is key when it comes to upselling, and Aura’s range is one of the broadest in the business.

Basically, if you only sell 350gsm “standard” business cards, then you’re missing out on margin. And working with Aura as a reseller could be key to boosting your bottom line.

Because, in short, if you don’t re-sell the unique business card options Aura Print can offer you and your customers, then you’re limiting your potential for sales by over half.

Our sales data show there are also significant tailwinds to these claims, with a 22% year-on-year increase in customers moving away from regular business cards to something more unique.

At Aura, we’re all about choice, we know bigger printers think it’s too much hassle to offer more than just a few paper types. They win work based on price, and we know it’s cheaper to gang orders onto the same paper type and print them en masse. But we’re coming at it from the other way, giving customers loads of choice so that they’ll keep coming back for that uniqueness that they can’t get elsewhere.

Price doesn’t breed loyalty, product quality and service does.

And this is backed by 86% of our customers, who said they knew what they wanted but couldn’t find any other printer who gave them the choice.

Solving the Puzzle
So, what are the missing puzzle pieces to business card success that we at Aura can offer you?

Well, for starters, at Aura 25% of all the business cards we produce include some type of metallic foil finish. And our survey proves that customers agree that adding metallic foil to a business card makes the card more likely to be kept (58% agreed), which is a great sales story when you realise 88% of all business cards handed out are disposed of within a week.

And at Aura we go well beyond standard foiling. We have the best offering of metallic foil business cards in the UK, with more than 10 colors of foil available inhouse and the option to print double sided foil, which is rarer than hens’ teeth by all accounts.

Of course, foiling alone doesn’t tick everyone’s boxes, so if your customer wants to really stand out, and our survey shows 82% do, then we have the perfect answer: painted edge business cards. Airbrushed by hand, these business cards stand out when stacked up with other cards. 11% of cards sold by our resellers have our painted edge upgrade.

Our goal is to make offering your customers thick business cards incredibly easy too.

We try to offer duplexing on every paper type we offer, because upselling your customers to 700gsm silk from 350gsm silk is just a box to tick. Nothing else needs to change from the artwork side of things. And in terms of desirability, 86% of their customers agree that a thicker business card looks more professional so upselling to a thicker business card stock seems like a no brainer.

Finally, we know that as the pandemic recedes, the environment will rise up the agenda again and in the next few years there is going to be a big push for recycled business cards. 54% of our trade resellers said both they and end users care about using recycled stock, and already we’ve noticed that there’s been a 64% year-on-year increase in customers opting for recycled business card alternatives.

Off the back of this, we are bolstering our recycled range with uncoated recycled, kraft, cotton and even more in the pipeline such as bamboo and hemp business cards.

But we know every customer is different, and difference is something we celebrate at Aura because our research shows that if budget wasn’t an issue, then 92% of customers would upgrade their business card.

So, get in touch and see if we can help you differentiate your offering and give you the flexibility to upsell your customers and boost your bottom line.

To find out more about how you can become an Aura reseller, mail or call 01484 429 300

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