EverLighten highlights the benefits of using custom keychains for marketing

It is an effort to connect with small and mid-sized organizations to develop effective marketing strategies.

CHICAGO, IL, US, April 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — EverLighten – the globally reputed custom keychains manufacturer, took to the press yesterday to highlight the benefits of using promotional keychains for building brand awareness for small and mid-sized organizations . This move comes from their ongoing efforts to provide value to customers worldwide.

The company’s VP of production, Thea Chu, said in her briefing, “No matter how unique your products are you can’t turn people into leads if they are not aware of your brand.” “Promotional keychains with your business logo and message is a budget-friendly and effective way to build your brand reputation in the marketplace.” “These may be small, but they provide incredible marketing value.” “They are an amazing addition to your marketing repertoire,” they went on to add.

“Custom keychains have the edge over other promotional products because of their portability; people can carry it anywhere.” “They also make an ideal choice for promotions like tradeshows and mailer campaigns,” they added. “People will notice your logo imprinted on these because they help organize keys and serve other purposes.” “Custom keychains last long, providing brand exposure for years.” Thea said,” tangible products like keychains connect deeper with your customers than non-interactive mediums because people can touch, feel and use them.” “Printing your logo on keychains provides the exposure your brand deserves,” they said.

“Multi-functional keychains provide value to recipients’ life, and so every time they use it, your name will ingrain in their minds.” “One of the biggest advantages of custom keychains is its versatility when designing them into any shape you desire.” “Companies can create them to resemble their business, like, a real-estate organization can make them look like a house.” “Exchanging business cards is a traditional way to connect; however, you can do the same more effectively by giving custom keychains,” they concluded.

Few words about EverLighten:

EverLighten has been in promotional keychains manufacturing for over 18-years, and they have helped design custom keychains for big and small organizations, sports teams, non-profits, colleges, universities, influencers, and individuals in over 23 countries.

Best pricing: They provide factory-direct pricing because they own a factory and are not intermediaries.
Quality in every product: They use high-quality materials and processes to produce keychains.
Real people, real service: EverLighten loves helping people and providing help from quotes to delivery.
They make you look great: Every customer gets help from their in-house designers for bringing designs to life.
No minimum order: They accept every order and don’t place a limit on the order size.
Worldwide shipping: They provide worldwide shipping with order tracking.

For inquiries, contact 1- 888-445-1402, or visit https://everlighten.com/collections/custom-keychains to design your custom keychains today.

(News Source: EverLighten Public Relations)

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