Fluttr Launches to Digitally Transform the Greeting Card Industry, Promote Diverse, Independent Artists

“Fluttr was born in a time when people felt disconnected from loved ones — and sometimes a text or an email is not enough,” said Founder and CEO Matthew Sarro. “The greeting card industry has been slow to innovate and has not met the needs of the modern consumer. With Fluttr, beautiful, customizable cards are at your fingertips — with just a few clicks. There’s no hassle, no stress, and no more feeling guilty for missing a special occasion.”

Fluttr has created a feature-rich e-commerce platform that brings an innovative, world-class customer experience to the greeting card industry. Once a card is selected, a customer can type their own message or start with one of three suggested messages. For a personal touch, Fluttr also allows customers to create a custom digital signature. Users can send cards for immediate delivery or schedule them in the future, and Fluttr takes care of the rest. Fluttr prints, stamps and mails the card directly to the recipient, or buyers can choose to receive the card in a protective outer envelope to hand-deliver themselves.

So far, customers have responded positively to their experiences, including one excited user who said, “Yahoo! I just sent my first Fluttr card. Brilliant!! On to card #2. I can’t wait to schedule my yearly cards, it will be a life changer for me and so fun to customize each card I send.” Another customer said, “I truly enjoyed the buying experience on your platform. I’ll definitely be using Fluttr again in the future! Well done.”

Fluttr cards are not something you will find in the card aisle of your local grocery store or pharmacy. The company has a continuously growing creative network of 50+ artists from around the country, with plans to expand internationally. This includes well-established and up-and-coming artists whose work may be hanging in your local art gallery or on your wall at home.

“My focus was around building our creative network,” said Alyssa Peck, co-founder and executive creative director. “If we were going to create a greeting card company that stood out from the competition, we had to team up with the best, most talented group of artists we could find… and then treat them like true partners every step of the way.”

Annapolis-based artist, Mallory Wierzbicki creates each of her pieces in her home studio in the company of her doberman pinscher, Komet. Mallory specializes in whimsical, clever and inclusive designs, and often creates visual representations of common phrases or sayings as you can see in her Fluttr card collection: sendfluttr.com/mallorywierzbicki. In reflecting on her experience working with Fluttr, she said “Fluttr has influenced my growth as an artist. Not only has it helped me financially, but I’ve had an increase in social media followers who recognize and value my work as an artist. This is extremely gratifying, as I am self-taught and have built my business Stem & Soul from the ground up on my own. Fluttr is a huge supporter of small artists like me, and in a world where many customers turn to Amazon and other big businesses, I like knowing that I am still supported by my local community thanks to Fluttr.”

Fluttr artists not only contribute designs to the platform, but their experiences, passions, and cultures influence the occasions they choose to honor with their artwork. In addition to traditional occasions, Fluttr offers cards that celebrate and commemorate modern moments such as Pride Month, Earth Day, Women’s History Month, and more.

To learn more about Fluttr and to browse hundreds of beautiful, one-of-a-kind cards, head over to sendfluttr.com. Use promo code “PROMO50” to get 50% off your first order.

Fluttr is an e-commerce platform that makes it easy and convenient to send beautiful, personalized greeting cards that celebrate life’s most important moments. Featuring unique artwork created by a creative network of diverse, independent artists, Fluttr is dedicated to helping you connect with the special people in your life. Select, sign, schedule, and send a card in minutes so you never miss a moment. Learn more at sendfluttr.comread our blog at sendfluttr.com/blog/and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitterand LinkedIn.

Media Contact: Matthew Sarro
Title: Founder & CEO
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