Food delivery scams on TikTok and social media pitch deals, free food

“Like free food? Me too,” says the message on the app. “Which is why I’m offering 2 ways to earn free food.”

Or more accurately, new ways to rip off restaurants, delivery apps, and consumers.

An elaborate scheme is out there where scammers use stolen personal information and payment data to sell deeply-discounted restaurant meals delivered to right to your door.

It reminds me of someone selling handbags out of a car trunk. There’s no way that a designer purse can be priced that low but some shoppers don’t want to imagine that the guy on the corner is making quick cash on stolen merchandise or counterfeit goods.

Now it’s Korean-style fried chicken or lobster tacos.

Many of us picture fraudsters only going after big ticket rip-offs, like romance scams where tens of thousands of dollars can be lost, or tax time scams that scare people into putting $1,000 or more on gift cards to pay back taxes.

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