Front Desk Supply Offers May 2022 Product Discount to Hospitality Managers Struggling with Labor Shortages

San Diego-based hospitality supplier extends $75 savings to shorthanded front desk managers juggling client services and hotel operations

SAN DIEGO, May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Front Desk Supply, a leading hospitality supplier based in San Diego, CAannounced that it is supporting shorthanded front desk managers with a $75 discount on product orders during the month of May, which can be redeemed at

“It’s been a double whammy for front desk managers who are already lacking bandwidth to order their much-needed supplies, only then to be told by suppliers that those needs are out of stock, or prices have gone up due to supply chain issues” said Mark Zisek, Director of Commercial Operations, Front Desk Supply. “The high turnover impacts their business and consequently their guests, and without an experienced staff, they’re having difficulty running their business at its peak performance.”

Because of the labor issues, Front Desk Supply customers report challenges finding time to order supplies and then they are encountering lengthy delays or product outputs with no timetable. Front desk managers are hiring as quickly as they can, but the gap in experience and knowledge leaves hotel managers working double-time.

A recent Hospitality Asset Managers Association (HAMA) survey backs up these discussions. In a recent HAMA survey, 90% of hotel asset managers ranked “labor availability” as their top challenge in the industry. The other two challenges included increases and supply-chain disruption.

“The staffing woes, in turn, affects supply needs, so finding the right vendor is critical,” Zisek said. “New front desk managers are desperate to find a reliable supply partner to alleviate this ongoing headache while improving operations and the client experience. Front Desk does all we can to help every step of the way.”

Front Desk Supply is an industry leader in hospitality supplies, offering a wide variety of items, including key cards, key card holders, custom pens, notepads, stationery, staff ID badges, business cards, dry cleaning bags, valet tags, and concierge tags .

For hospitality executives and Front Desk Managers to request a quote for custom orders, please visit .

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Front Desk Supply has over 50 years of Sales, Marketing and Advertising, and Operations experience, along with the wealth of knowledge that comes from producing millions of products for thousands of hotels in the hospitality industry.

Their focus on building customer relationships is ingrained in all employees. Putting the first customer and offering a unique perspective to any situation is a hallmark of Front Desk Supply. Front Desk Supply excels in providing multiple complementary products – it makes for a one-stop shopping experience for customers and ensures messaging flows consistently across products. They expertly offer recommendations that make good business sense.

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