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Prior to the meeting was the reading of the 9th Grievance, “The Government of Illinois is a Tyranny.”

The monthly meeting of Hancock County Committee of New Illinois was called to order at 6:30 pm by Chairman Larry Mulch.


Larry gave a report from the County Township meeting. Neil Anderson, who will be our new state representative after the redistricting, was there. During the township meeting, Larry was able to speak about New Illinois and the upcoming Convention of the States. Out of the 50 states, 19 have signed on with one additional state in the final process. Iowa and Missouri are both part of the Constitution of the States. Illinois has not become part of this group yet. The Convention of States derives it’s power from the US constitution. It states things like establishing term limits for legislators, sets guidelines on having a budget set and consequences for not having a budget by October 1 of each year, and establishes limits on spending. It will take 38 states for the Constitution of States to be passed. Only eight states have not considered the Constitution of States.

The goal of New Illinois is to go back to the original model of one senator from each county to provide equal representation in the Senate for each county.

Work is continuing to educate the public on New Illinois. There is an update to the New Illinois State website being worked on. Members were encouraged to pick up fliers to hand out and continue sharing New Illinois. Handouts were given out including a flyer “We Want You.” This flyer has the counties highlighted that are participating in New Illinois. On the back of the flyer is a list of counties, names and phone numbers for established New Illinois counties. Work is being done in Pike and Henderson County to get these counties established. Another handout given was titled “A New State-What’s in it for Me?”


Yard signs were discussed as an idea to help get the word out about New Illinois.

An update was given on New California. They are very close to moving to the next step of becoming a state.


Business cards and flyers were distributed to anyone that needed them. Flyers are also available to be printed at https://linktr.ee/HCNewIL which also has other educational material about New Illinois State, including links to some related meeting recordings.

Members action items focused on distribution of the Trifold flyer, planning to participate in community events, and educating and informing people.


The next meeting will be held April 26 (4th Tuesday) at 6:30 pm in the 3rd Floor Courtroom inside the Hancock County Courthouse. At this time there is not another grievance to be read.


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