How Oath Pizza’s refresh is modernizing its operations

Oath Pizza was founded in 2015 and is already undergoing a rebrand. Learn what’s behind the brand refresh and how it will affect the company’s future.

Oath Pizza was founded in 2015 on Nantucket Island. The brand became an instant hit with both tourists and locals alike, and there are 30 units now open with another six slated to open in 2022. With the brand going national, its operators felt it was time to refresh its look to ready the company for even more growth. Oath Pizza Manager of Brand & Production Merissa Zaltzberg told Pizza Marketplace how the brand refresh came about and how it’ll change Oath’s game plan.

Q: What’s the impetus behind the new brand refresh?

A: Since Oath opened its doors over six years ago on Nantucket Island, we’ve been committed to inspiring happiness in our team, guests and communities. Over the past couple of years, the world changed, and, not unlike many other businesses, we wanted to adapt to those changing times to continue inspiring that happiness. We dug deep into how we wanted to show up in this changing world and paid close attention to what was important to our customers, and we’ve been able to integrate that into all parts of our business, which will set a strong foundation for our growth ahead.

Q: What does the new refresh consist of?

A: Inspired by Oath’s flagship location on Nantucket, our new restaurant design is at the center of the refresh, premiering at our location opening in West Hartford, Connecticut. The restaurant design features an updated ordering flow to increase convenience and scalability, inviting colors, breezy interiors and a feel-good environment. Our digital overhaul further inspired our store design. It was composed of an updated website, fresh photography, a fun new color palette, and a new logo. Lastly, but a key to our success, we updated our brand voice and tone, which keeps our messaging friendly, understandable and relevant to our customers.

Q:How long has it been since your last refresh? Why now?

A: Our last refresh was inspired by a creative agency quite a few years ago. Since then, we’ve been committed to getting back to our roots, and we’ve learned what is most important to our guests and communities. Our refresh puts the guest at the center and introduces a neutral, fresh, and fun look, feel, and voice to make Oath more approachable and accessible. This update also aligns with the official launch of our franchise program, where we are offering others the chance to open Oath in their communities, which needed to be completed ahead of our anticipated growth.

Q: What elements was Oath looking for when redesigning the new layout?

A:We want to show the world who we are and what we believe in, so we can attract like-minded franchisees, employees and customers and make their lives better. We also felt it essential to set ourselves apart in the marketplace, so we shifted toward a customer-first approach with fresh, fun, feel-good visuals. In our stores, though, we were looking to set our employees and customers up for success with a restaurant layout and flow that is as friction-free as possible, so we can fulfill more orders quickly and accurately.

Q: Will other units be redesigned to mirror the flagship location? When will those roll out?

A: Yes, all of our new locations will feature the new design, and the existing locations will be updated as well. The timeline varies by location.

Q:How will the redesign help efficiency?

A: Updating the flow in our stores was essential to drive consistency at our locations, so any employee or customer could walk into an Oath and feel right at home. It also allows for a faster, more customizable, accurate, and enjoyable experience.

Q: What difficulties were there around the redesign, and how did Oath overcome these?

A: We are fortunate to have a unique build-out and business that are smaller, simpler and more flexible, which has led to a more seamless experience than we’ve heard our competitors are having. Planning new build-outs in this environment is beneficial because we can challenges and make decisions on the fly to proactively prevent them from occurring and apply those decisions to all future plans for a better experience each time in the future for us and our franchisees.

Q: What new technological advances were added with the refresh?

A:Our goal for our customers has been to create a seamless ordering process that meets their needs for a delicious product and a feel-good experience backed by convenience, customization, customer service and rewards. We have done this by introducing new ordering options like direct delivery from our website and app, curbside pick-up, nationwide shipping, a unique loyalty program through Thanx, and additional third-party platforms, to name a few.

We also wanted to create a better experience for our employees, focusing on flexible, consistent, and easy-to-operate systems backed by a unique but straightforward menu and turn-key operation. We have accomplished this by: introducing new management, communication and feedback platforms; integrating as many systems as possible on the back-end and introducing the ability to tip through all channels.

Q: How do you expect the brand refresh will help Oath Pizza’s ambitious growth strategy?

A: A strong, relevant, and feel-good brand is the backbone of our business and essential to our growth. We’re our brand represents who we are and the product and experience we provide and that our customers and employees will confident demand.

In knowing who we are and what our customers want, we get ahead of their needs and have the foundation to support our growth ahead and pave the way to all we want to accomplish in the future.


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