Innovative practices for onboarding new hires

Finding and retaining talent is one of the greatest challenges employers face today. Having a well-executed onboarding program can be a game-changer!

When someone receives a job offer, everyone wants to hear all about it. You get to make a first impression during the interview phase, or the “courting” stage. Make sure you share and demonstrate your values ​​from the beginning. Show the candidate respect by:

  • Being on time
  • Knowing their preferred name, and the proper pronunciation of their name
  • Reviewing their qualifications and resume beforehand
  • Having well thought out questions

Hiring managers should have everything ready for their new team members on their first day, like their workstation, business cards, name tag, etc. The hiring team can consider sending their own welcome message on top of the job offer. Here are some simple ideas:

  • A welcome postcard or email with a group picture of the team.
  • A welcome package with branded items like a pen, a shirt with your logo, or slogan, along with a note or card letting them know that you are excited to have them join your team.
  • A digital brochure with gift items to select from.

On their first day, you could give them the red-carpet treatment. Find out their favorite morning beverage before they start, and have it there waiting for them. Create a selfie station with a branded step-and-repeat and props that say “My first day at to show off on their social media. Display a welcome message with their names on a CCTV or poster board on an easel at the entrance.

Provide new hires with as much information upfront as possible through an automated onboarding system or an organized checklist. Their first day should be more than just paperwork.

Create a group orientation experience, if possible. Gamify their learning, especially the important but mundane information. You can model popular games like Family Feud or design a scavenger hunt. Have them create teams, and allow them to ‘win’ branded tokens, like company mugs, stress balls, water bottles, reusable tote bags, etc. And, give them out Oprah style. You get a lanyard, and you get a lanyard!

Bring in your executive team or show a welcoming video. Be sure to talk about your values ​​and your company’s reward and recognition program. Consider doing a ‘cookie’ reception and invite your other current staff to meet and welcome your new team members.

Onboarding doesn’t stop after the orientation. The first few weeks should already be scheduled out for them to know what to expect with their training.

The first few days at a job can be nerve-wracking for a new member of your organization. Many will question if they’ve made the right decision. The best way to keep employees is to show them that you appreciate and value them. A great onboarding program will provide all the evidence they need to confirm that they are right where they belong.

You may want to consider assigning them a “buddy” or someone experienced in the company to ask questions like “what do people do for lunch around here?”

Give them something to talk about when their friends and family ask, “So how’s it going with the new job?” Their answers may encourage others within their network to look at employment opportunities with your organization.

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