Julia Announces Her Newest Career Move After Modeling

90 Day Fiancé’s Julia Trubkina has found her passion after modeling. The Happily Ever After? star revealed her next career move with a dog video.

Former 90 Day Fiancé cast member Julia Trubkina posted an adorable video on Instagram to announce that she now wants to become a dog trainer. TLC viewers first met the 28-year-old reality star on 90 Day Fiancé season 8 alongside her partner Brandon Gibbs. Julia calls herself a workaholic. She started working at age 13 and has since worked 15 different jobs. Julia has truly experimented with her work life, from selling pamphlets on the streets to being a fitness instructor. In the past few months, the Russian star has tried her hands at being a stand-up comedian and modeling and has received praise.


However, it is hard for 90 Day Fiancé fans to imagine that she will settle down with her comedy gig or modeling for life. In February 2022, she gave another major update on her work life on Instagram. Julia explained her latest career move would be to draft business cards for a design company. To promote her design skills, she wore a self-made t-shirt that had her famous quote, “I go Russia,” written on it. Since Julia has been performing advertising well on social media for the last two years, her marketing and senses ought to be remarkable.

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However, it seems marketing won’t be the only thing Julia will do moving forward. She recently revealed a new career move, which fits her image on social media. The Russian reality star posted a video of her training her seven-month-old dog and Julia wrote, “Well, during my life on the farm, I fell in love with dogs and learned dog language.” Julia explained that she would be training “this baby Willow blue for competitions.” She also mentioned that she’s ready to train the dogs from now on, and Julia surprised 90 Day Fiancé viewers with her new career ambitions.

Most of Julia’s fans applauded her adorable new line of work and shared positive messages in the comment section. One of her fans wrote, “Omggg what a cutie,” and added that German Shepherds are “amazing” dogs. Another one chimed in,”So happy you are finding your way! Dogs are the best. Can’t wait to see you win!“Someone else asked,”How many dogs now? Do you have any at your apartment?” Julia replied, “No we don’t live apartment anymore.” While responding to another fan, the 90 Day Fiancé star implied that she lives on the farm, but she still doesn’t like pigs.

Julia’s responses confirms the rumors that the couple has indeed moved out of their apartment. It seems that they may be living at the farm, as Ron has previously invited Brandon to claim the family property. After seeing Julia’s lovey-dovey photos with dogs on social media, fans are convinced that she will make a great trainer. It certainly is a great move for Julia, who has now developed a love for training animals. It’s excellent for Brandon too, who has spent his entire life growing up at the farm. 90 Day Fiancé fans wish her the best of luck with her new career move.

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Source: Julia Trubkina/Instagram

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