Kansas teen’s business focuses on removing goose poop

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – If you stroll through Wichita, you’ll find some great walking paths, but if it’s anywhere near a pond or park, you’ll likely step into one problem.

Geese leave behind big messes, but who are you going to call? It’s not “Ghostbusters,” but rather Goosebusters.

Will Mirakian is 14 years old and owns Goosebusters.

When Will and his father Brad Mirakian were out on a walk, the idea came about.

“Me and my dad were on a walk,” said Will.

“We were talking about how he was going to be driving soon,” said Brad.

“I’m gonna have a car soon. I’m gonna start driving, so I’m gonna need money for gas and all that stuff,” said Will.

“That’s when we literally stepped right in the idea, you know, it was just all over the sidewalks,” said Brad.

The two realized there was a gap in services and a need for their neighborhood after seeing the sidewalks covered in geese poop.

They took that idea, and now, Will has launched his business.

“Basically, I just sweep the sidewalks of, you know, geese poop,” said Will.

Will didn’t come up with the business name. Instead, his dad did.

“That was completely my dad. I mean, I can call you old right? Yeah, he’s pretty old,” said Will.

The idea to be an entrepreneur was Will’s idea.

“I kind of like having the freedom of working for myself, and you know, being out and about,” said Will. “I like being outside.”

For $50, Will sweeps the sidewalks around the neighborhood.

“A lot of people definitely think it’s helping, I can tell, I mean, I’ve gotten a lot of compliments lately,” he said.

Brad Mirakian said it is teaching Will accountability.

“It helps them in a couple of regards,” said Brad. “First, you know, because he’s his own boss, and he answers to nobody but himself, but that means he’s got to hold himself to a higher level, a higher standard of accountability, and if he doesn’t do a good job, he’s the one who’s going to answer for it directly to his clients.”

Brad said it also taught him ways to be creative.

“There are a million different ways, you know, to earn a living out there. You just have to be creative, look outside the box, and provide a service that people want,” said Brad. “After that, it comes pretty easily.”

He said it’s important to find ways to teach your kids new skills while doing something they enjoy.

“Look for something that at least, somewhat motivates them, you know, meets their interest, whether it’s working outdoors, or something like that, because if they’re not, if they don’t have at least some interest in it, they ‘re not going to do a very good job,’ said Brad. “Then, try to fit that interest with something that meets a need, you know, in this case, it was working outside, and it did something good for the neighborhood. It was kind of like killing two geese with one stone.”

Brad says he’s proud to see Will’s strong work ethic

“We’re really proud of Will. He’s always had a strong work ethic and also a little bit of creativity and, you know, I think Will is the kind of person that as he gets older, he may continue to pursue more of these entrepreneurial kind of things, and we totally support that,” he said.

Will has already subcontracted his 11-year-old brother for a job. If business picks up, he will reach out to his friends to help out.

Will said it’s never too early to start doing something you enjoy.

“You just gotta, like, gotta tell people what you want to do, you just kind of have to do it, and you got to take charge, you know, just do it,” said Will.

The price depends on the size of the job. You can call 316-491-0629 for more details.

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