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MASSENA — Visitors to the Explore Massena website, at www.ExploreMasena.com, who are looking for places to eat, sleep or shop, will see Massena businesses listed first, followed by those from other localities.

Jason G. Hendricks, founder and owner of H3 Designs, said a “major update” was made to the website’s database to place Massena businesses at the top of the listings.

Mr. Hendricks is contracted to develop the Explore Massena branding, with both the town and village contributing to the cost.

He said he was tasked with finding a way to get Massena businesses to appear first in the business listings.

“Through work with the developer, we were able to create a way to make this happen. Once we had the solution, we implemented the solution and updated all the properties currently listed on the Explore Massena site to show Massena businesses first,” he said. “We are happy to be able to meet a request and make our database showcase Massena’s businesses first.”

Mr. Hendricks said he has been busy handling many aspects of Explore Massena and other associated websites, as well as the Explore Massena app. He has continued to answer inquiries from the Massena International Airport, Fish Massena and Explore Massena websites.

“We continued to keep Fish Massena, Explore Massena, Fly Massena plug-ins up-to-date and updating information on fishing tournaments,” he said.

He said he also met with Town Supervisor Susan J. Bellor and Deputy Town Supervisor Patrick M. Facteau, who took office in January, to discuss how they can work together to push the Explore Massena brand initiative forward. Mrs. Bellor previously served as a board member prior to her election as supervisor.

As part of the recreational opportunities section, Mr. Hendricks said he updated outdoor rink information for Alcoa Field and Danforth Place, listing when the skate shacks would be open using information from the Massena Recreation Commission’s Facebook page.

For summer fun, he added the concert dates for the 2022 edition of the Greater Massena Chamber of Commerce’s Concerts in the Park and created an event header to include on all concert events.

Mr. Hendricks said he also worked with Massena Town Board member Thomas C. Miller to create a banner and social media graphics that showcased “Masena’s excitement and support of Jonny Gustafson in his participation in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.”

In preparation for this year’s major fishing tournaments in Massena, he curated and created graphics and content for the Explore Massena and Fish Massena social media pages, and also researched and created graphics to promote the state’s Free Fishing Day for 2022 on the Fish Massena social media pages.

“One of the next things we are going to be adding to the Explore Massena mobile app is more categories in ‘Explore Places’ and adding some categories we currently don’t have in that part of the application as we prepare for summer with some great events for Massena, New York,” Mr. Hendricks said.

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