Local entrepreneur launches greeting card subscription business

A local woman has launched a tailored greeting card subscription service that ensures customers always have the perfect cards on hand to send for loved ones’ special occasions.

Greet on Repeat is an innovation from Heather Pleskach, of Brantingham, who sought to make recognizing special occasions easier. Greet on Repeat is the only subscription greeting card service custom tailored to loved ones and their special days, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Pleskach knows the frustration of trying to remember to send a card for a loved one’s special occasion, so she built a company to address the problem.

“I was inspired to build this business after encountering many, many times where I found myself needing a card and not having one,” Pleskach said. “Living in a rural area, getting to a store can be a chore — and a special trip. Giving cards are important to me but with all the day-to-day responsibilities and life, birthdays or anniversaries always crept up on me. Then once in the store I found myself in the card aisle for a long time, picking up card after card, taking forever to try and find one I liked. I’d eventually settle on one and then get a little sticker shock at the price tag but I needed it and I had run out of time so I bought it.”

The last straw came during the early days of Covid. Pleskach was attempting to add a couple birthday cards to her grocery pick up order only to find it was not possible. That meant she had to drag an infant and a toddler into the store to purchase the cards.

“I just knew there had to be a better, easier way for busy people like me to still give thoughtful cards without all the hassle and headache,” she said.

Greeting on Repeat’s process is simple. Customers create an account where they enter information used to tailor the selection of cards. The cards are then delivered to the customer’s door in two weeks. The customer signs and sends the cards to their intended recipients. Greet on Repeat sends automatic reminds to review, confirm, and add to the next shipment of cards.

“Tell us a little bit about them, and you, and we will get to work selecting cards for you, saving you time and money,” Pleskach said. “The cards you need are delivered to your door four times a year. No more forgotten birthdays or events, no more last minute trips to the store.”

Pleskach is keeping it local, too. Great on Repeats use local designers and printers for the greeting cards.

People can visit www.greetonrepeat.com to learn more or subscribe to the service.

Questions or comments can be emailed to hello@greetonrepeat.com. Pleskach also encourages people to follow Greet on Repeat on Facebook and Instagram @GreetOnRepeat.

This is the first business that Pleskach has built from scratch, and she has a long-term plan to nurture its growth.

“I went into this without any experience of the greeting card industry so it was a lot to learn,” she said.

“But I surrounded myself with great people, leveraged my business experience and problem solved my way through issues. I’m still problem solving and learning to be honest. The website development was the most complex, as it is more than just a website; There is a custom built algorithm that runs to match user inputs with card inventory which ensures a relevant, tailored card selection. I’ve got plans to grow and add features but in an attempt to not bite off more than I can chew, I am choosing to crawl, walk then run.”

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