Love is in the Art: Campus art fair to arrive soon

Artwork above created by Hannah Kavanagh.

Professional arts fraternity Phi Beta is hosting an arts fair entitled “Love is in the Art” this Friday in Schneider North.

The fair will consist of artists of various mediums displaying or selling their works. Profits will then be donated to an organization of importance.

The art fair originated two years prior and continues to be an annual tradition. Due to service being a dominating virtue in Phi Beta, members felt it was best to organize a project that would benefit the community.

Ultimately the organization Kaleidoscope Youth Center was selected as the focal point for their next project. The Kaleidoscope Youth Center is a bustling site of community and potential for LGBTQ+ youth.

The Kaleidoscope Youth Center is a long running organization which supports LGBTQ+ youth in the Columbus area.

Through the organization, youth are provided with free programming, housing and support services. Programs include safe spaces, GSA (Genders and Sexuality Alliance) networking and professional training.

The theme envisioned for the 2022 art fair is “Love is in the art”.

Phi Beta president and fourth-year Audrey Cann urges artists to “try your best to fit the art around said theme, but this is not a strict guideline.”

Artists participating admit to having interpreted love in divergent ways. Love can be incredibly subjective.

Fourth-year Hannah Kavanagh, a digital artist stated, “I think love can be a very broad term, and doesn’t necessarily have to mean romantic. Love can be between two people with different kinds of relationships, or it can be of a place, object, or hobby.”

Hannah Kavanagh is shown playing an instrument.
Hannah Kavanaugh began her love for art in her childhood and continues today. Photo by Nat Hickman.

Fourth-year Rylee Ratliff, the Phi Beta professional relations and service chair said, “The overarching theme is love, and trying to stick to it felt really hard because I’m not in the lovey-dovey mood right now.”

Despite struggles utilizing the theme, artists shared their enthusiasm to be able to utilize their art for the benefit of their community.

“One of the ways I show my love is by creating art for those I care about, and then share that art,” Hannah Kavanaugh said.

Another hope the artists share is being able to have increased exposure for their work. Many of them wish to share their art with larger audiences.

Ratliff said, “I’m passing out business cards and stuff like that trying to get my name more out there and hopefully get some more commissions out of it as well.”

Kavanagh promotes in a slightly different way.

She said, “I nearly majored in art instead of music. I’ve recently been trying to promote my artwork more via Instagram, and I saw this as a nice opportunity to get my art out there and become better known.”

To check out Kavanagh’s work, follow

Some media which will be displayed are digital art, photography, music and more.

Rylee Ratliff said, “I think it’s [the art fair] for a really great cause and I really hope to see people there.”

The event will be held on Feb. 18 in Schneider North in the Student Union from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

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