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Vogue Australia has cataloged New York Fashion Week 2022 and gave us six business casual formulas for outfits, straight off the runaway. Here’s how our favorite celebrities did the math.

Sports leisure: “Biz-leisure” is nothing new, particularly for the nine-to-fivers that are found at the gym at any other time. This year however, it’s intentional and not just a convenience. Game of ThronesSophie Turner Demonstrates this perfectly, with a sharp coat and cat-eyed shades taking this look from sweat to streetwear.

Sweeter weather: Justin time for Autumn, drapey sweaters are unfolding in store windows near us. Make it ‘work’ by layering your comfy sweater over an utterly chic midi skirt. Pick a tulle skirt for a Carrie Bradshaw vibe, or a satin midi skirt for something more Seoul inspired. Or as demonstrated by the elegant Giovanna Battagliaa bold artistic print.

Proportional play: This one is easy. A nice pair of jeans + a clean white tee + an oversized blazer, and voila! You are officially the coolest girl around the water cooler. Kendall Jenner is a big fan of the model-off-duty look that at least suggest “no effort.” We love the subtle patchworking on her blazer.

Suit yourself: Whether you like an oversized fit like Euphoria it-girl Alexa Demie or lean towards a clean-cut power suit like Sex in the City era Kim Cattrall, a good suit is an excellent addition to any capsule work wardrobe. You can break it up and use the dress pants to make a small top more appropriate work, and we already know how versatile a suit jacket can be.

Keep it tonal: Now, with this one you really can’t go wrong. It never ceases to amaze me how polished an outfit can become when you stick to one color family. Look how stunningly gorgeous Dove Cameron looks in head-to-toe chocolate brown. The slightly brown-tinted glasses are just the icing on the cake.

Just belt it: In the realm of business wear, this is risky business. However, if you’re in a pinch, a thick belt can completely transform an oversized garment. Spiderman actress Zendaya has the right idea, pairing black tights for a bit more modesty. Can we take a second to admire her blowout as she flees the hotel with BF Tom Holland?

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