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photo by: Photo by John McCabe

Dylan Kimble runs The Twin Pops 5K Run for Health in a full business suit alongside his fiancé Cassidy McCoullough, left, in downtown Wheeling Saturday morning.

WHEELING — If you don’t win the race, you can at least be the best-dressed guy there.

That’s what Dylan Kimble took away from his experience running in The Twins Pops 5K Run for Health through downtown Wheeling in a full business suit, briefcase included, Saturday morning.

“It’s a punishment for getting last in our fantasy football league,” Kimble explained after the race. “We do a punishment every year and ironically, I got last year as well. I had to wear a prom dress in the middle of Shadyside and hold a sign that said ‘I suck at fantasy football.’ Unfortunately, I got last again this year and this was the punishment.”

Kimble’s unusual race day attire drew lots of attention from onlookers and plenty of jubilation from his fantasy football peers that were watching from the sideline.

“It’s fitting for our group of friends,” said Jeff Campbell, also a member of the 10-person league. “We’ve been doing this league for probably like 10 years now and a couple years back we started doing punishments.”

While watching his friend suffer the admittedly strange punishment was fun, Campbell said it’s mostly a great incentive to do well in the fantasy league.

“It adds anxiety,” Campbell admitted. “I started the year 0-4 and I’m sitting here at 330 pounds thinking ‘I can’t do a 5K.’ The prize if you win is significant enough to keep us around, however.”

Kimble finished in 80th place in the 5K run Saturday with a time of 30:35, just behind his fiancé, Cassidy McCoullough, who ran alongside him.

“I’ve probably logged three miles in the last three years total,” Kimble admitted. “I don’t run at all, my fiancé and I kind of got off the couch and it wasn’t that easy.

“I just bought these shoes for this race yesterday so they’re not broken in yet either.”

If he’s not a runner, was Kimble at least comfortable in the suit?

“I never (wear suits), just to weddings honestly,” he said. “I’m a business casual type of guy for work so I don’t ever have to wear a suit and I’m not used to it at all.”

Maybe Saturday’s experience will help kickstart a love of running in the young man.

“Absolutely not,” Kimble said. “Honestly, it feels good when you’re done, but during it, this isn’t for me.”

Well, what did Kimble learn from his punishment?

“I’m not very good (at fantasy football),” he allowed. “I might want to give it up. I might go one more year but if I get last again, then I’m done.”

At the very least, Kimble can take solace in the fact that he was by far the best-dressed racer Saturday.

“I’ll take that,” he said. “If that’s the one thing I can take from (Saturday), other than sucking at fantasy football, I’ll take that for sure.”

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