Meet Liz Beecroft a Licensed Professional Therapist Who Loves Streetwear

We all have that one friend (or are the person) who could use therapy but who also has a million excuses not to go. Some of those excuses are validlike high costs and sub-par insurance coverage. Others are steeped in old-school stigma around seeking help, like “I’m not crazy.” But whatever barriers exist, real or imagined, mental health care is one of the best investments any young adult can make. And getting help doesn’t have to look like coughing up a copay for someone who couldn’t tell your Air Jordan 3s from your dad’s old Reeboks, in a poorly decorated Midtown shoebox. Instead, you can step into Liz Beecroft’s Flatiron office, where you might end up kicking back in an Eames chair surrounded by a concrete CB2 waterfall desk and basketball tchotchkes, spending your session kiki-ing over her coordinated hoodie and Dunks.

A common misconception people have about therapy is that you have to be suffering from a serious mental illness or something tragic has to have happened to you for you to justify going––but that’s not always the case. Enter Beecroft, LCSW, psychotherapist, and certified sneakerhead, who picked up the DSM-IV manual after benefitting from years of therapy herself. Growing up, the 30-year-old struggled with anxiety that eventually progressed into panic attacks during her stints at sleepaway basketball camp. Her athletic performance and personal relationships began to suffer, so she sought out the help of a therapist. Cut to her college career, where she left home and the separation anxiety followed. Continuing therapy was crucial to her well-beingand that’s when she had a lightbulb moment and realized the impact she could make by switching her major, pursuing a license, and offering therapy to others.

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