OBU students assist insurance and Financial Design: The Gift of Giving

OBU Marketing Students

Students at Oklahoma Baptist University worked with Insurance and Financial Design during the spring semester to help with the insurance firm’s marketing tactics. Mallory Lockhart and Connor Heath were students in a digital marketing class and worked together to provide ideas and resources to support the Insurance and Financial Design business.

Dr. Daryl Green taught the course, who serves as an assistant professor of business and Dickinson Chair of Business. He assigned each student in the class to team up with local businesses to gain real-world experience while implementing material learned during the course. Mallory and Connor partnered with Julie Hokit, the owner of Insurance and Financial Design, to enhance the social media presence through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. They also designed and created postcards and new business cards.

Julie Hokit is a first-generation agency, so she takes a lot of pride in her business and her personal connections in the community very seriously. As a result, Julie has launched a “Help Our Community” referral program. Each time she receives a referral from a new client, the name of the person who referred is put into a basket for a quarterly raffle. At the end of each quarter, she draws one name. The prize is $100, and the winner gets to choose the charity of their choice in which to donate.

Mallory and Connor have continued to help Insurance and Financial Design throughout the Spring semester and the “Help Our Community” effort by creating Instagram and Facebook posts. These social media messages supported Julie’s message of appreciation for raffle winners and their charities of choice. As a result of this effort, Julie has donated to Community Market, Community Renewal, Legacy Parenting, FCA-Lexi Large, South-Central Industries, and Gateway to Prevention and Recovery during her first two years as a business owner. She looks forward to continuing and building connections with her clients and her community.

Julie’s commitment to the citizens of Shawnee and to providing learning opportunities for the students at Oklahoma Baptist University demonstrates her dedication to support, care, and passion. She is making an incredible and positive impact on the community and the OBU students. Mallory and Conner were able to help Julie support her business and in turn learned valuable lessons in the gifts of giving.

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