Putin Has No Political End Game Against Ukrainian Resistance: CIA Director

  • CIA Director Bill Burns said Putin has no sustainable “political end game” in his invasion of Ukraine.
  • In a testimony, he said Putin’s “assumptions have turned out to be profoundly flawed.”
  • Burns said he is convinced Ukrainians will continue to fight in what he predicts will be “an ugly next few weeks.”

CIA Director Bill Burns said Russian President Vladimir “has no political end Putin game to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the face of fierce resistance from Ukrainians.”

Burns testified on Tuesday before the House Select Intelligence Committee on threats to national security. When asked by Rep. Adam Schiff how he foresaw the conflict in Ukraine ending, Burns said he wasn’t sure.

“That’s the core question,” Burns responded. “I think Putin’s assumptions have turned out to be profoundly flawed.”

“He failed to see how he could sustain a puppet regime or a pro-Russian leadership that he tried to install in the face of what is a massive opposition from Ukrainian people,” Burns said.

Burns continued: “I fail to see how he can produce that kind of an end game.”

He added that he expects an “ugly next few weeks” where Putin will “double down” on Ukraine in an attempt to seize the land.

“One thing I am convinced of is the Ukrainians are going to continue to resist fiercely and effectively,” Burns said.

Over the past week, Western officials have said Russia has been frustrated by logistical issues and strong resistance from Ukraine. Burns on Tuesday described Putin as “angry and frustrated.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the 12th day of Russia’s invasion, shared a video from his office, saying he would not leave.

“I stay here. I stay in Kyiv. On Bankova Street,” Zelensky said in the video. “I’m not hiding. And I’m not afraid of anyone.”

“We must realize that every day of struggle, every day of resistance creates better conditions for us,” he added.
“Strong position to guarantee our future. In peace. After this war.”

The following day, Zelensky delivered a rousing speech to UK’s Parliament, reiterating his defiance against Russia’s invasion.

“We will not give up and we will not lose. We will fight till the end at sea and in the air, we will continue fighting for our land whatever the costs. We will fight in the forests, in the fields, on the shores , in the streets,” he said Tuesday.

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