Rick and Morty’s Darkest Villain is Krombopulos Michael (Not Evil Morty)

While Evil Morty played the long game to build his status, Krombopulos Michael didn’t need to hide to make himself Rick and Morty’s darkest villain.

While the season 5 finale of Rick and Morty may have fans believe that Evil Morty is the darkest villain the duo have ever faced, a long overlooked one-off comic has revealed that it’s actually Krombopulos Michael. Rick and Morty have come across quite a few wacky characters over the show’s five season run and approximately 60 issues of comics. From the ridiculous to the sinister, there are many memorable side characters in the franchise. Evil Morty’s first appearance in season one had fans speculating just how effective he can be in the overall story. His final appearance featured him at his deadliest…but a one-off comic showed that Rick’s business partner Krombopulos Michael is secretly the darkest villain in the multiverse.


It’s safe to say that Evil Morty is a devious character. Playing it safe and hiding among other Mortys after his plan in Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind was foiled, he rose to power as President Morty. Using his resources at the Citadel of Ricks, he crafted his ultimate plan: escape the Central Finite Curve of universes where Rick is the smartest person and go to one where he is free from Rick. Rickmurai Jack, the season five finale, finally saw him put his plan into action, and it was absolutely devastating. Multiple versions of Rick and Morty died as a result of his plot to escape, giving Evil Morty a body count to beat…or at least, so fans would think.

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Surprisingly, Krombopulos Michael, the one-time hitman character that loves to kill indiscriminately, is actually MUCH darker. Given his own comic one-off in the Rick and Morty Presents anthology series, Krombopulos Michael by Daniel Mallory Ortberg and CJ Cannon reveals that he’s a much more open killer and somehow gets away with it. In just the opening panels, he’s shown killing a random person on the street just to swipe their cup of coffee. He’s never caught, never punished for it and just goes on with his day. This comic just covers one day in his life. Imagining how many he kills in one day without consequences is enough to make Evil Morty gasp because he does it so openly. He repeatedly states throughout the story that he loves killing, and he does it without any remorse. His spontaneity is what puts him above Evil Morty in deviousness since he can just pull out a gun in the blink of an eye and kill with no contempt, somehow managing to escape in the process.

Throughout the story, he’s shown going to a Kinko’s-style printing shop to have business cards made for his killing business. While there, he has the printing assistant put a tracking device in every single business card he buys so his contacts can find him, originally indicated at when Morty was given one in season two. His sheer confidence to give anyone a way to know where he is proves what a deadly force he can be. He’s not afraid to hide or be sneaky. He knows that he can kill the person who finds him if they’re not there for his services because he just loves to do it. Anyone that comes face-to-face with him is either in mortal danger or there for a transaction. There’s no in-between.

The fact that Michael doesn’t need to lurk in the shadows and does what he does for sheer enjoyment is why he’s much darker than Evil Morty ever will be. Sure, Evil Morty plays the long game, but Michael has confidence on his side and knows that he can escape any danger because of his raw killing talent. It’s a good thing that Rick and Morty never got on Krombopulos Michael‘s bad side because he’s one villain that they might not be able to take on due to his confidence and energy that make him the darkest force in the multiverse.

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