Roseburg neighbors express concern after sheriff’s office warns of ‘suspicious’ door-to-door sales | News

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. — There’s some concern amongst Douglas County residents after the sheriff’s office released a Facebook post regarding “suspicious door-to-door sales.”

The post has over 2000 shares.

“He says he was just in the neighborhood and wanted to give me a free gift and a red flag went up because the box was all torn up,” Lorri Titus, who lives in the 100 block of Athena Lane in Roseburg, said.

Titus said this incident happened around 8 pm on April 18.

She said she refused the gift and started questioning the motives of these apparent sales people.

“I saw a young woman got out and went to another neighbor who wasn’t home and as they left, they dumped their trash on our street,” said Titus. “Then they went up and down the streets a couple more times and finally left.”

Beth Nelson, who lives just a few houses down from Titus accepted the gift.

“It’s a humidifier,” Nelson said. “They came to house saying it was free.”

After giving her the gift, the salesperson tried selling Nelson another product of theirs, she said.

“Then they said, ‘hey, if you want the big one,’ then they brought the big humidifier,” Nelson said. “Turns into a vacuum cleaner and all this.”

Nelson said they tried to sell that product for $5500 and she gave her checking account number. But ultimately, she said no money was taken from her account because she didn’t qualify for purchase.

A similar incident happened on Tuesday to Tami Camp who lives on Church Avenue in Roseburg.

“She was like ‘I have a business and we’re giving away free air purifiers,'” said Camp. “She didn’t tell me the business name. She didn’t tell me anything. I said no thank you and they said ‘okay don’t worry about it’ and left. Then about two hours later, the same vehicle comes and Instead of the lady getting out, the guy gets out and he says, ‘I’m here to see Darren.’ And I’m like, ‘there’s no one here by that name.'”

After some research, KEZI found out the company in question is called HYLA Grand Valley Air.

CEO Nicholas Ruland claims the people in the pictures the Sheriff’s Office posted are his sales representatives.

“We got death threats. No one, according to the Sheriff’s Office has done anything criminal,” said Ruland. “We have a lot of people making threatening comments. Honestly, this post by the Sheriff’s Office really endangered by reps.”

Ruland said the free gift boxes is part of their advertising and he said they are not trying to hide anything about their business.

“You can look us up under the business registry, on our website, on our Facebook,” said Ruland.

Ruland also claims he contacted the Sheriff’s Office multiple times to prove their company’s legitimacy, but hasn’t heard back.

He said he’s interested in learning more about claims about his representatives being pushy or not presenting themselves with business cards.

He’s asking the public to send him any feedback about his representatives at

KEZI has also reached to Douglas County Sheriff’s Office but hasn’t heard back.


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