San Antonio’s business conventions slowly return, like ‘SprayFoam 2022’

Throngs of sprayfoam housing contractors swarmed The Espee where a DJ, under multicolor disco lighting, blared Alan Jackson hits and the Barbie song from Danish pop group Aqua.

“Sprayfoam worldwide!” cried the DJ, who announced an afterparty at the 1902 Nightclub. Horse-drawn carriages lined the street to take attendees to new destinations.

To those across the street, Tuesday night’s revelry at the historic plaza might have sounded like a loud wedding. But Hotel operators, restaurateurs, bar owners and anyone with a stake in San Antonio’s downtown economy heard the clang of money from across the country pouring into the city. It’s a sound that fell silent at the onset of the pandemic, and its return is welcomed as yet another sign of the pandemic’s loosening grip on the city’s tourism economy.

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