Soulver smart calculator app for Mac adds support for publishing to the web, stock price data, more

Soulver is one of my favorite applications for the Mac, and it became even more powerful this week with the release of Soulver 3.5. This week’s update to Soulver adds support for publishing via the web, integration with live and historical stock rates and currencies, and much more.

For those unfamiliar, Soulver can best be described as a hybrid between a calculator app and a text editor.

Solver is great as a simple calculator replacement. But it really shines when you use it to explore different scenarios and experiment with numbers. You can use words and numbers alongside each other and you almost never encounter an error. And all your work is automatically saved for you so you can reference it later.

With this week’s release of Soulver 3.5, one of the most notable new features is support for publishing Soulver sheets to the web. This means that you can create a Soulver sheet of notes and calculations, then share a link to that sheet, and anyone can view it directly in their web browser of choice.

  • Share a link to a sheet that can be viewed by anyone as a website
  • Remove your sheet from the web at any time
  • Publish sheets from the Sheet menu, or from the contextual menu on a sheet in the sidebar
  • A free account is required to use this feature. Sign up using just your email address in Soulver’s preferences

Soulver is also adding integration with historical currency data and live and historical stock prices.

Historical currency conversions

  • Support for historical currency conversions: “1 BTC in USD on March 8, 2019,” “30 EUR to USD one year ago”
  • Historical currency rates are available for all real-world currencies, back to 1999
  • Rates are also available for Bitcoin (back to 2013)

Live & historical stock prices

  • Use live stock tickers in calculations: “10 AAPL,” “TSLA x 30”
  • Do historical stock price queries: “10 AAPL on January 9, 2007”
  • You can also do historical queries for the actual (non-adjusted) closing price, and trading volume: “FB close on September 3, 2015”, “AMZN volume on March 24, 2009”
  • Prices are included for 8 popular tech companies: Apple (AAPL), Facebook (FB), Alphabet (GOOGL), Amazon (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT), Netflix (NFLX), AirBnB (ABNB), and Tesla (TSLA)
  • (App Store only) Subscribe to Soulver Stocks for access to 150k+ stock tickers across 70+ exchanges. Future iPhone & iPad versions of Soulver will also support this service

Check out this link for an example of a Soulver sheet published to the web that just so happens to integrate the new historical/live stock prices and currency conversions.

You can find a breakdown of the other enhancements in this week’s update to Soulver below. Soulver is available with a 30-day trial and for $29.95 after that. It’s one of my most-used Mac apps, and this week’s update makes it even more useful.

Text editor

  • Align lines left, center, or right using the Format menu
  • Additional font sizes, now up to a maximum of 72pt
  • Scroll position is now retained when switching between sheets
  • System dictation is now supported in the main text editor (thanks, Keith!)

Sheets & sheetbooks

  • You can now open a sheetbook file (either from the Open dialog, or from Finder). Only one sheetbook can be edited at a time
  • New, leaner sheetbook file format
  • Sheetbooks created with previous versions of Soulver 3 will be automatically upgraded to the new forma and will not be readable by previous versions of Soulver 3


  • Option to hide comments (//) & heading indicators (#) from exported/printed sheets
  • Exported/printed sheets now respect heading & label colors
  • Numerous styling improvements to exported/printed sheets


  • The “Tweak Engine” sheet has been unified into the preferences in a “Calculator” preferences pane
  • Added a new preference to choose what happens when ⌘N is typed: create a new sheet in the sheetbook (optionally in a new window), or a new file in Finder
  • Improved Header styling window

Cooking calculations/density conversions

  • Volume to mass conversions for 200+ substances: “250 grams butter in cups,” “10 liters olive oil in kg”
  • Density of substance function: “density of white wine,” “density of egg yolk”

Hexadecimal & binary

  • Convert between decimal, hex or hexadecimal (0x) and binary (0b): “35 in binary,” “119 to hex,” “0b01010 to decimal,” “0xF34 to binary”

Other calculator improvements

  • Public holidays in your country are taken into account when doing business/working day calculations
  • Support for combined phrasal functions: “half of half of 30% of 90”
  • Support for number words: “five minus three”, “five hundred thirty three + two hundred and twelve,” “1.4 million,” etc.
  • Square root and cube root phrase functions: “square root of 9,” “cube root of 27”
  • Logarithm function with any base: “log 50 base 4”
  • Added the option to use monthly rather than annual compounding for compound interest: “30k for 5 years at 4.5% compounding monthly”
  • Scientific notation (rather than SI notation) is now used for numbers larger than a trillion, and smaller than a nano
  • Scientific notation now works with numbers that contain decimal points: “3e5.5”
  • “5/10%” is now equivalent to “5 is what % of 10” (ie 50%). Previously this expression had a plain decimal result (0.5)
  • Other misc. improvements

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