Ever since COVID-19 hit, it has been business unusual, and everyone has seen the importance of adapting to current business trends to survive.

For example, if you consider business cards, they are essential marketing materials, but you can’t use the same design from the past. Regardless of type, though, the right business card design can open up doors that change your career forever.

Business cards are not a new concept, but they remain relevant to date. Why is this so? Simply put, they represent you. Whether it is a personal card or for your brand/business, the card will be the first impression potential clients, partners, or customers will have of you. They are more personal than digital contacts like emails or LinkedIn invitations, but only well-designed business cards get retained and shared, leading to more connections.

In short, the quality of your card corresponds to the quality of your business, so whomever you are targeting, you must follow the latest business card design trends to make yours stand out. Business cards go a long way in boosting client and business owner branding, but they must portray the information easily and quickly to be effective.


As explained earlier, having a well-designed and trendy business card shows your business is of good quality and increases the chances of it getting shared.

But which are these trends in business cards? If you want something that stands out, you’re in the right place at

Smart business card is a single card that replaces your regular stack of paper business cards, you’ll never have to reprint new packs of business cards or share a lot of cards during networking events.

With Just a Single tap of the card on the receiver’s phone, you automatically transmit your contact details into their phones.


If you have a business, then, you need a smart business card. Even if you don’t have a ton of customers or clients yet, having a business card that clearly states what your business is and what you offer makes it easier to make new connections with potential partners and collaborators.

With hundreds of devices in circulation today, no one should have an excuse for not being able to save your contact details faster. The smart business card links all your important info together, allowing you to save a real conversation to a great connection and let new customers send an email, visit your social media profile, book an appointment, or dial your phone number with just a click.

In this digital age, paper business cards are a piece of cardboard that no one ever looks at after the initial ‘Nice to meet you’. What a waste of time and paper!

Nearly 80% of business cards are never used, we all have stacks of business cards that are, let’s be honest, just pointless. Stack of paper business cards are no longer needed, paper business cards are bulky and hard to carry. They’re also environmentally unfriendly and contain sensitive information that has no security nor easy to control after the conversation ends.

The Smart Business Card solves this problem by giving you a dynamic, always up-to-date business card that evolves as you do, It’s lightweight, carries an unlimited number of contacts, but most of all, you can update it anytime so your contacts will have up-to-date information every time they view it.

With Smart Business Cards (SBC):

✔ No more heavy and bulky wallet

✔ No more paper.

✔ It’s environmentally friendly

✔ Limitless number of cards

✔ Always up-to-date info

✔ Customized with your photo and name/company logo

✔ Track when your card is scanned

✔ No monthly subscriptions needed

Don’t let your paper business card stop you from connecting with someone or make you lose a potential client, switch to a Smart Business Card today.

Smart Business Card make your business stand out, wow your clients, give an instant connection and make your business memorable.

Say goodbye to paper business cards and hello to flexibility and more money in your pocket.

Click here to create your Smart Business Card and take your networking experience to the next level!

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