Retiring soon with a pension? How interest rates affect your benefits

Courtneyk | E+ | Getty Images One major decision facing near-retirees who are due a pension can be whether to take those benefits as an upfront lump sum rather than over time as an annuity. If you’re among those leaning toward a one-time payment and are edging close to retirement, it may be worth considering … Read more

Betterment adds student loan, 529 savings features to 401(k) business

Today’s workers are often tasked with juggling multiple financial goals. Between saving for retirement, paying off student debt and planning for your own children’s education, it can be difficult to know whether you are on track. Betterment is taking steps to try to make it easier for employers to help workers manage those priorities with … Read more

Tool shows how changes could affect you

A Social Security Administration office in San Francisco. Getty Images It’s no secret the funds Social Security uses to pay benefits are running low. New proposals on Capitol Hill aim to fix the program’s solvency. Just how dramatic those changes will need to be depends on how soon changes are put through. Likewise, people who … Read more