Airport screening officers go casual to call out ‘disrespect’ from Ottawa

Airport security screeners are going public with what they deem substandard pay and “disrespect” from the federal agency that oversees their work. The screeners will wear street clothes at more than 40 airports starting Monday to draw attention to concerns over wages and working conditions amid negotiations around a new collective agreement, the United Steelworkers … Read more

The Activist Legacy of the IBM Black Workers Alliance

In contrast, trying to learn about the experiences of everyday workers, particularly Black workers who spoke out against the company’s policies and culture, was like trying to listen to a conversation in another room. I could only catch a muffled murmur of a word here and there: a transcript from Afoh’s testimony, a discrimination suit … Read more

A retired nurse lost $43,000 to bitcoin — watch out for red flags online

A New York retired nurse lost $43,000 of her life savings to bitcoin scammers, after transferring the money to them through a malicious computer pop-up – an unfortunate reminder to be vigilant when it comes to your money. Retirement Tip of the Week: Be careful of what sites you trust, and if a pop-up or … Read more

Workers ‘have more cards to play than ever’ as wages on the rise. But how likely are you to see your pay go up?

Wages are rising, but inflation is rising faster — and workers in some industries are being left behind. Statistics Canada’s monthly Labor Force Survey found that average hourly wages rose by a dollar, or 3.4 per cent, between March 2021 and March 2022. That’s a slightly faster pace year-over-year than February, but not as fast … Read more

Lawsuit alleges Wells Fargo discriminated in mortgage refi business

Wells Fargo & Co. mortgage holder Aaron Braxton, an African American actor and teacher with a master’s degree from University of Southern California, wanted to refinance his mortgage during the historically low interest rates of 2019. Braxton offered a good credit score and a track record of paying his mortgage bills on time for many … Read more

How women of color can redefine power in business

Women of Color (WOC) are one of the fastest-growing demographics in American corporations. Yet despite their growing presence, many still struggle to flourish in the workplace. As the first Indian-American woman to make partner at global services firm Deloitte, Deepa Purushothaman knows how challenging it can be for “the first, the few and the only.” … Read more

Here’s what you should know about COVID relief and taxes for your small business

Businesses buoyed by coronavirus relief funding may face a new wave of uncertainty this tax filing season as rules about how that money should be reported on federal and state income taxes continue to shift. Congress made coronavirus relief programs like the Paycheck Protection Program and the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant tax-exempt, while still allowing … Read more

Opinion: If the five-hour workday makes sense, why aren’t we doing it? First, employers have to stop obsessing over hours

Risk factors including cardiovascular disease, stress, depression and alcohol abuse are exacerbated by long work hours. Impressing your boss has never been more dangerous. Let’s be honest: There’s little time for productivity in the standard eight-hour workday. Our bandwidth is spent on meetings, emails and instant messages, bureaucracy and administrative work that could be avoided … Read more

Google staff who work from home could face pay cuts: report

Google employees who decide to work from home full-time could face pay cuts depending on where they live. The Alphabet Google, -3.77% tech giant has developed an internal pay calculator, which Reuters was able to get a look at, that determines how Google employees would be paid depending on where they work from. The calculator … Read more