Retiring soon with a pension? How interest rates affect your benefits

Courtneyk | E+ | Getty Images One major decision facing near-retirees who are due a pension can be whether to take those benefits as an upfront lump sum rather than over time as an annuity. If you’re among those leaning toward a one-time payment and are edging close to retirement, it may be worth considering … Read more

High inflation points to bigger Social Security COLA in 2023

Joe Raedle | Getty Images News | Getty Images Social Security beneficiaries could see another record cost-of-living adjustment in 2023, based on the latest government data showing persistent high inflation. But that increase may not be enough to pare the loss in buying power recipients have experienced over the years, according to a new analysis … Read more

Inflation could mean a big Social Security cost-of-living adjustment in 2023

Sporrer/Rupp | Image Source | Getty Images Social Security beneficiaries started 2022 with a 5.9% cost-of-living adjustment to their monthly checks, the highest increase in about 40 years. But as inflation climbs with each month, the buying power of those benefit increases has diminished. The Consumer Price Index for all Urban Consumers, or CPI-U, rose … Read more

I bonds to deliver a record 9.62% interest for the next six months

Marko Geber | DigitalVision | Getty Images If you’re eyeing ways to fight swelling prices, I bonds, an inflation-protected and nearly risk-free asset, may now be even more appealing. I bonds are paying a 9.62% annual rate through October 2022, the highest yield since being introduced in 1998, the US Department of the Treasury announced … Read more

5.9% Social Security cost-of-living adjustment takes effect this month

An employee watches as checks are run through a printer at the US Treasury printing facility in Philadelphia. William Thomas Cain | Getty Images The new year will usher in bigger Social Security checks for many beneficiaries starting this month. That’s as a record 5.9% cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, takes effect. It marks the biggest … Read more

Here is the age when many Americans hope to retire

Clemens Porikys | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images Many workers look forward to the day when they can retire. A recent survey from Natixis Investment Managers set out to find out exactly when most Americans hope to stop working. The average age is 62, the research found. However, it turns out when people to … Read more

People will get bigger Social Security checks in 2022. How to prepare

VALERIE MACON | AFP | Getty Images People who collect Social Security are about to see bigger checks. The cost-of-living adjustment in 2022 will be 5.9%, the Social Security Administration said Wednesday. The bump, which will help beneficiaries keep up with rising costs due to inflation, is the largest increase in about 40 years. The … Read more

How much do I need to retire? Top financial advisors weigh in

There are a few simple rules of thumb, such as saving 10 times your income by retirement age, although experts recommend using a retirement calculator to get a more accurate picture of your retirement number. Still, the old rules may no longer apply. “There’s not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution,” said Christopher Schreiner, a certified financial … Read more

Tool shows how changes could affect you

A Social Security Administration office in San Francisco. Getty Images It’s no secret the funds Social Security uses to pay benefits are running low. New proposals on Capitol Hill aim to fix the program’s solvency. Just how dramatic those changes will need to be depends on how soon changes are put through. Likewise, people who … Read more

How to estimate your monthly payments for 2022

XiFotos | E+ | Getty Images After the Social Security Administration announced a record-high cost-of-living adjustment for 2022, many beneficiaries are asking, “How much bigger will my monthly checks be?” People who receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, benefits will get a 5.9% boost to their payments next year. That is that … Read more