Airport screening officers go casual to call out ‘disrespect’ from Ottawa

Airport security screeners are going public with what they deem substandard pay and “disrespect” from the federal agency that oversees their work. The screeners will wear street clothes at more than 40 airports starting Monday to draw attention to concerns over wages and working conditions amid negotiations around a new collective agreement, the United Steelworkers … Read more

Workers ‘have more cards to play than ever’ as wages on the rise. But how likely are you to see your pay go up?

Wages are rising, but inflation is rising faster — and workers in some industries are being left behind. Statistics Canada’s monthly Labor Force Survey found that average hourly wages rose by a dollar, or 3.4 per cent, between March 2021 and March 2022. That’s a slightly faster pace year-over-year than February, but not as fast … Read more