The 8 Best Websites to Order Customized Stationery

Personalized stationery makes excellent gifts and promotional materials. It’s affordable and unique, besides having a personal touch. It can strengthen the branding of your business and make you stand out.

You can find customized stationery on several online stores. But here, we discuss the eight best websites for ordering personalized stationery items.

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Founded in 1995, VistaPrint is an online printing company. It offers customized marketing materials, promotional products, and stationery items.

Through VistaPrint, you can get customized pens, notebooks, sticky notes, and notepads. It also offers personalized thank you and greeting cards. Moreover, you can order mailing supplies and letterheads.

VistaPrint has a wide range of design templates for each product, along with the choice of colors. But you can create your own designs using its intuitive tool. The tool lets you add text, images, shapes, and even QR codes.

The great thing about VistaPrint is that you can order a single item as well as in bulk. Shipping starts from $6 but varies depending on your order value and shipping plan.

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Zazzle is a popular website for creating personalized gifts. Whether you need notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, or erasers, you can find a suitable product on Zazzle. Moreover, it has notepads, folders, sticky notes, calendars, and desk organizers.

Since Zazzle is a marketplace where artists share their work, you can find a huge variety of designs. But thanks to filters and tags, finding a suitable design won’t take much time.


Once you’ve found a good template, you can personalize it to your liking. However, if you’d like to express your creative side, you can choose any product and create a design from scratch.

Besides stationery items, you can use Zazzle to design custom T-shirts. Shipping costs depend on various factors, but you can become a Zazzle member to get unlimited free shipping.


National Pen is the go-to website if you’re looking for customized pens. Since the site focuses on pens and similar stationery items, you can find pens of different brands, colors, mechanisms, and categories.

It has high-end pens for personal use or gifts, as well as affordable ones for marketing. Despite being focused on pens, National Pen has a range of other customizable products.

These include tech gadgets like styluses, power banks, speakers, cell phone stands, and USB flash drives. You can also buy calculators, desk accessories, notepads, sticky notes, and folders.

But that’s not it. National Pen has bags, apparel, and even drinkware. Best of all, its products are customizable. Shipping costs vary drastically, depending on weight, price, method, and other variables.

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Papier offers personalized stationery items that let you express yourself. These stationery items include pens, pen refills, notebooks, cards, etc.

Moreover, you can create several types of custom planners and journals. It also has a variety of invitation, thank you, and announcement cards, along with gift sets.

But the customization options are limited. Some products are not customizable, while you can only change the text or photos on others. Papier allows you to add your designs only to a handful of products.

Papier offers a 10% discount to students. Similarly, for businesses, it offers a bulk order discount. There are four shipping methods, with the minimum shipping cost being $5. Besides the US, Papier ships to Canada, Australia, and a few European countries.


Founded in 1993, StationeryXpress is a family-owned business, offering customized stationery, gifts, and napkins.

It sells stationery items like cards, letter sheets, notepads, memos, sticky notes, notepads, and envelopes. You can also order customized napkins for different occasions.

For personalization, it allows you to edit the text, colors, and formatting. You can upload your logos too and get a preview before the products are manufactured.

For businesses, StationeryXpress creates different products with an embossed logo. StationeryXpress products are made in the USA, and it offers free shipping over $99.

If you’re based in Europe, Camaloon is a good option for getting personalized stationery and promotional products.

Talking about it stationery items, you can get everything from pens, highlights, and pencils to planners, notebooks, and folders. Moreover, it has desk accessories, pencil cases, and cardholders.

Besides stationery, Camaloon offers customized tech products like styluses, phone holders, mouse pads, USB flash drives, and headphones. Other products include laptop bags, T-shirts, mugs, bottles, and masks.

Camaloon has a simple tool for personalizing your products by adding images and text. While previewing the product, it shows the image resolution and if it’s fine for printing purposes.

It has four delivery methods, with the quickest shipping in 48 hours. However, this varies depending on the product. Though it offers to ship to non-European countries like US or Canada, shipment costs can increase significantly.

MOO website screenshot

MOO offers customized online printing services and has a wide variety of products. Some stationery items you can find on MOO are notebooks, notecards, letterheads, journals, invitation cards, and stickers.

MOO also sells marketing materials, business cards, postcards, and drinkware. Not all products are customizable here, but you can find plenty of them in nearly every category.

For customization, you can either stick to its templates, upload your design, or use MOO’s design tool. Its simple design tool offers a range of options like adding images, QR codes, text styling, etc.

For students, it offers 15% off on the first order. There’s a minimum order limit on certain products. MOO offers various delivery methods, including a next-day delivery.

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Deluxe specializes in custom promotional products and materials for businesses. So, if you’re looking to purchase in bulk and need a variety of options to pick from, it’s worth visiting this website.

Deluxe has nearly every customizable product you can think of—from sports equipment and tools to keychains and automotive items.

Expectedly, there are several stationery items. These include various types of pens, notepads, rulers, erasers, crayons, memos, and staplers. You can also purchase products like journals, planners, calendars, cards, etc.

For customizing your products, it has a simple tool where you can add artwork, clip art, text, and change the colors. However, it has a minimum order limit for every product, so you can’t order just one item.

Order Personalized Stationery Items

Sending a customized thank-you note to your loved ones is perhaps the best way of expressing your gratitude. For businesses, customized stationery can reinforce the branding and add a personal touch.

These sites make it easy to find and customize top-quality stationery items. Aside from stationery, you can consider other custom-branded merchandise items.

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