The Record Delta | Pa. man remains in custody following breaking and entering

BUCKHANNON — Peyton Brooks, age 18 of South Park, Pa., remains in custody, following a breaking and entering incident in October 2021.

Official court records reveal Brooks was involved in a crime at The Brushy Fork Mart at 2:45 am on Friday October 29, 2021. Upshur County Sheriff Deputy Cole Bender and Lieutenant Marshall Powers responded to the scene and discovered that the front door glass to the store had been shattered. No one was found present in the store as officers cleared the scene. The store owner Todd Dayton Foster was then contacted by the officers to inform him of the incident. In addition to the shattered glass door, a glass case, coin machine and a case of lottery tickets had been knocked over. Several cameras were damaged also and a broken bottle of wine and its contents were found on the floor.

Foster showed officers the security footage, who determined three men broke into the store after throwing an object through the glass door. Footage revealed they headed towards the direction of the Meadowlands Trailer Park after fleeing the scene. Some of the men were recognized from being in the store the previous day.

Court documentation further revealed that later in the day, another breaking and entering was reported on Brushy Fork Road, where Jordan Zakovec noted that his and his wife’s cars were broken into, with their wallet and purse stolen. Zakovec searched and found his wallet and several business cards outside a Smith Avenue residence, where Meadowlands Trailer Park is located. The resident, Devonna Moul, was then served a search warrant.

Neither the suspects nor the stolen items were located. However, Moul was shown a picture of the suspects and recognized one of them as Zachary Kelly and told officers he was in lot 149. The residents present in lot 149 were identified as Shasta Hutchinson and a Mr. Carter. Officers were given permission to search the home and located a wallet believed to belong to a suspect Peyton Brooks from Pennsylvania. Hutchinson gave the officers a bag that matched the items stolen from Brushy Fork Mart after a period of further questioning.

Officers were also able to locate an Instagram account belonging to Brooks and it was there that a photo of Carter, Brooks and Zachary Kelly appeared. Kelly and Brooks were noted to have been wearing what appeared to be the same clothing in the picture as what was seen in the security footage of the breaking and entering. Court records documented that the property that was damaged or destroyed totaled $4,188.60 and the stolen items totaled $2,346.05.

Brooks has been charged with three felony offenses, including Entry of building other than a dwelling, Grand Larceny and Willful Injury to or Destruction of Property. At this time, Brooks remains incarcerated at Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a cash/surety bond totaling $45,000.

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