The Top 3 Restaurant Menu Making Tools

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Are you a restaurant owner looking for a quick and simple way to change up your menu design? Whether you’re starting a new restaurant, rebranding, or simply upgrading old menus, great menu design is an absolute must. While hiring a designer is an option, it’s more expensive than other do-it-yourself options. Luckily many menu design programs have sprung up that make it cheap and easy to create professional-looking menus.

With a restaurant menu making tool, you can easily update your menu when needed, without having to pay for an expensive designer to alter it every time. Menu making tools not only save you money, but they offer unrivaled flexibility and customization. Web-based software tools can make your life easier, and your business look more professional.

When choosing a menu making tool, there are a few things you should look out for. A wealth of templates, of course, is a must. You’ll want to have the option to pick from thousands of options, finding the one that fits your restaurant best.

And while creating a dine-in menu is often the original goal, you should be able to use this software to create a selection of menus and marketing materials, such as flyers, takeout menus, table tents, business cards, loyalty cards, stickers, social media assets, and so much more.

Are you looking to try out a restaurant menu making tool? We’ve broken down the top three menu creation programs, and why you should choose them.

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1. MustHaveMenus

Overview: MustHaveMenus is a design tool that was created specifically for restaurant owners, and is a one-stop-shop for all menus and marketing materials a restaurant owner may need. It has the largest collection of design templates for restaurants out there, and its customer service team is unrivaled. On top of that, MustHaveMenus offers digital products such as QR codes, landing pages, and online menus to allow restaurant owners to further their reach.

MustHaveMenus also allows you to add team members to your account for an additional charge, making it easy for multiple people to work on designs for the same restaurant. On top of that, MustHaveMenus also offers a portion of its templates for free, allowing customers to use simple options without having to pay anything.

Price: $30/month


  • 5000+ menu templates designed by experts
  • 5000+ marketing templates for all occasions
  • 4000+ free marketing templates
  • 20+ ready-made product types like flyers, table tents, business cards, and sandwich boards
  • Free templates for Facebook and Instagram

Menu Maker Tool:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop system
  • Easy controls for menu sections
  • Allows custom sizes, plus resize to make matching pieces
  • Import items to save time on typing
  • Instant QR codes for any design
  • Digital menu link created instantly

Bonus: Live restaurant experts are available to chat during business hours and professional printing services are available for all product types.

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2. iMenuPro

Overview: iMenuPro prides itself on being used specifically for restaurant and menu creation, allowing its customers to create menus and test out designs with a click of a button. While their tool works well, it has a higher learning curve, and the selection of templates is quite small. However, they also offer a custom QR code generator and the ability to transition a menu over for use on a website. With iMenuPro, you can download PDFs to print menus out yourself.

Price: $15/month


  • 100+ menu styles
  • 9 different product sizes
  • Custom size tool

Menu Maker Tool:

  • Change menu “styles” with one click
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Easily manage designs

3. PopMenu

Overview: PopMenu is much different than options like MustHaveMenus and iMenuPro, as they offer a lot of different services, aside from menu design. On top of that, they offer only website and mobile menu services, not print options. However, their focus on overall FOH solutions seems to be one that could benefit many restaurants. Unfortunately, with PopMenu, you won’t be able to get a matching print menu without having to employ the use of another software.

Price: Starting at $99/month

Menu Maker Tool:

  • Patented interactive menu technology
  • Syncs to online ordering and delivery
  • Many other non-menu related features

How to Choose a Menu Maker for Your Restaurant

If you’re looking for a menu-making tool that can truly do it all, MustHaveMenus is the perfect option. With the ability to design, customize, and print nearly 20,000 unique templates, there’s no reason to try any other service. MustHaveMenus can help you create a unique brand for your restaurant, giving you the ability to display it across dine-in menus, takeout menus, social media posts, flyers, and more. Not only that, but MustHaveMenus also publishes new templates every single month, meaning you’ll never run out of ideas or inspiration.

They’ve got you covered on holidays, special occasions, and so much more. For only $30 a month (or for free on a select number of templates), you can’t go wrong with MustHaveMenus, the #1 menu-making tool.

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