These Portland-Made Mother’s Day Gifts are Perfect for Crafty Moms


These upcycled journals are the only time it’s ever okay to judge a book by its cover. Attic Journals easily has some of the coolest, most functional, sustainable products. The Portland-based company rescues old, discarded library books and gives them a new life. Each journal is completely unique, using everything from Dr. Suess to chemistry textbooks as journal covers, and scribbled-on pages as section dividers. Not to mention their very expansive selection—we’re partial to this Nancy Drew exemplar. What ever did happen to that scarlet slipper? With these journals, you get to decide.

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A self-proclaimed place for crafty and not-so crafty people alike, even the least artsy of moms will enjoy a trip to DIY Bar, even if that joy is mainly due to the potential for new macrame house plant hangers (one of many crafts on the DIY Bar menu). Buy a gift card for both yourself and the mother you are celebrating, let them choose which craft to do, and then head down to North Portland to make a mason jar mug, bracelets, or crack open some beers with your new handmade bottle opener. Generalization alert, but most parental units do in fact consider quality time to be a more-than-acceptable gift, which is secretly what they mean by “I don’t need anything.”

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Instead of the generic, although dependable, vanilla-scented Yankee candle that nearly every mom gets for Mother’s Day, their birthday, and pretty much any gift-giving occasion in-between at some point, why not throw a curve ball and let her make her own candles this year? Or better yet, why not make some together? Collage’s candle-making kits include enough soy wax and wicks to make three candles for about the same price as the tried-and-true Vanilla Yankee. The $41 kit comes in three different scent options: lavender, the superior choice, unscented (why), and pine.

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Want to signal that you truly have your life together? Own a set of stationery, ready to whip out for thank you notes, love notes, or admonishments if you so desire. This is also one of those things that no one, except of course those who truly do have their life together, ever really thinks to buy for themselves, and thus, makes for a perfect gift. These boxed note sets from Ecru are both aesthetically pleasing and full of personality. Our favorite? Cat on Sofa Notes, for the mom who… we don’t know… has taste?

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Toolbox, Woonwinkel Local


Never before has the word “cute” been used to describe a toolbox, but we are ready to deploy it on this Woonwinkel-sold charmer. Whether it becomes a new home for an overwhelming and ever-growing collection of miscellaneous pens, fabric scraps, business cards or buttons (all of which must of course be kept for some reason), this toolbox is the perfect gift that a crafty mom, or really any mom, didn’t even know they needed. This sleek, handmade-in-Italy, no business being as cool-looking as it is a treasure is available in yellow, blue, green, bright orange, and bubble gum pink and can easily serve as a decor piece, regardless of what your mom put in it.

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For the moms who prefer to craft from the comfort of their own home, Mimosa Studios has got you covered. There are two ways to go with this gift. One: pick out pottery together on Mimosa’s site before placing an order. The second, and much riskier option, especially if you have amom who is not shy with the “why would you think to buy me this?” look, would be to pick out the pottery and colors yourself, and surprise them with a painting day. If you go the second route, make sure to pick out something useful and cute, like this delightful, Mad Hatter vibes tea set.

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