Top Modern Tools To Redefine Your Business In Digital World

Digitalization has left its impact in every corner of the world unexceptionally. Therefore, we can be addressed as a tech surrounding generation.

Business practices are also affected by the digital revolution. Witnessing unexpected achievements in technology and upgrading different business functions are common nowadays. Numerous organizations have gone digital entirely or partially. Here we will discuss the impact of digitalization on different business practices and some modern tools to consider for better productivity.

Technology’s Implication In Different Business Functions

Various tech solutions are available for every business function, no matter its complexity. Some notable technology trends are mentioned below to implement for improving productivity:

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Maintaining accounts and document filing is one of the most complex tasks of an organization. Larger the size of the company, the more errors it contains. Plus, it consumes much time and effort.

Accounting automation can be an effective solution for organizations to overcome accounting blunders and save time. Automated accounts software records expenses & income and saves receipts, bills, transportation charges, and check-related information. The modern solution automates invoices, prepares financial reports, notifies on the time of payment, identifies errors in the entries, manages inventory, and integrates with the firm’s bank account. Here are some suggestions that can help automate accounting functions:

1. Ram:

Ramp is an easy-to-use accounting software enhancing accounting functions of various organizations. The system delivers numerous features such as real-time financial reports, expense management, bill payments, and syncing of transactions in real-time. It also enables integrations with other systems of the company. In addition, the software automates reconciliation with an AI-enabled receipt matching feature.

2. Freeagent

Freeagent is an automated accounting and bookkeeping system allowing organizations to improve their operations. The software includes various reports like P&L accounts reports, balance sheets, debtor & creditor reports, and debenture reports. It also enables a comprehensive view of all transactions to keep an eye on the finance.


Recruiting is a challenging management task, and it takes an essential period for recruiters/managers. Hiring the best talent from different applicants is not an easy job, and in pandemic times, it is even more challenging to conduct pre-employment testing. But it can be simplified by using proper tools.

The recruitment process can be streamlined by eliminating the time consumption barrier through a modern recruiting tool. The tool helps recruiters manage candidates, track applicants, publish vacancies, evaluate candidates, and schedule interviews. Below mentioned softwares include necessary features for automating the hiring process:

1. Pandologic

Pandologic is an AI-powered recruiting tool for hiring candidates with efficiency. AI helps the organization to target the most relevant candidates and save time. In addition, a recruiter can use data analytics and reports to acquire top talent and eliminate the time consumption barrier.

2. JobDiva

Jobdiva offers staffing technology to various companies for finding the best talent. It enables the applicant tracking system and talent management functionalities. The system includes multiple features such as candidate searching, job posting, applicant data management, evaluations, dashboards, interview schedules, and resume parsing.

Content Creation

Digital marketing has emerged as a trend in recent times, and content can be called its soul. However, creating a unique content that attracts the targeted audience is an arduous task for any business.

Digital content solutions help creators in choosing what’s relevant for the audience, creating unique content, engaging more readers, and editing the articles. This way, businesses can drive more traffic towards their site and achieve more leads. Below are some softwares that can help creators to build creative content ideas and improve productivity:

1. Contently

Contently is a digital platform helping content marketers enhance their content strategy. It delivers numerous features and benefits to the company, such as customized templates, classification of documents, editorial calendars, engagement tracking, SEO management, image editing, and publish schedules. It also enables website management and workflow management.

2. Foleon

Foleon is a modern tool to manage content creation and marketing activities efficiency. The system is designed to deliver a great customer experience and engage more audiences. It enables different features for content management, branding, and engagement tracking. Major software components are customizable templates, drag & drop, reporting & statistics, and SEO management.

HR Solutions

HR activities are extensive in size, and it takes an even larger shape when talking about a large organization. For example, workforce management, payroll, onboarding, training, performance management, and employee relations- these are major functions of an HR manager containing various difficulties.

However, these functions can also be resolved by implementing HR automation solutions at the workplace. It helps streamline various processes such as employees’ data management, tracking tasks/projects, generating salaries, calculating attendance, and improving productivity so that managers can focus on other essential tasks. Few softwares with notable features are mentioned below to consider:

1. Cegid

Cegid is an automated platform improving the HR practices of companies. It offers various features like employees’ data management, e-signatures, organizational charts, and a multi-contract approach. In addition, the software also provides features for performance management, planning, compensation management, onboarding, and recruitment management.

2. factoHR

factoHR is an HR software enhancing different HR activities and improving productivity. The automated software helps in various activities such as recruiting, onboarding, talent management, expense management, time management, and retirement benefits. Some modern features of the system are timely reminders, a centralized database, reports & analytics, dashboard, remote tracking, shift management, and review cycles.


Online presence matters a lot to an organization, so it is essential to make an effective one. Sometimes, a website’s design can increase traffic and generate leads.

Tech design tools are used to create, edit, and view different images and graphics. Creative professions are now turning to online designing tools for quicker and more reliable work. Software developers and website developers can both use ready-made designs, texts, templates, colors, and images to make the process faster. Here are some leading softwares to consider while designing:

1. Visme

Visme is a brand design tool for building creative designs that increase brand awareness among customers. The AI-enabled system creates templates based on the brand and its product. It helps make presentations, infographics, documents, charts, graphs, and social media graphics. In addition, the system enables the asset library to store different brand elements in a single space.

2. Designer

Designer is a design solution for businesses to make their digital presence creative and attractive. It enables various digital assets such as ready-made templates, web banners, social media photo sizes, blog headers, web ads, banner ads, stickers, and free vectors. The system also provides a PDF editor, animator, and background remover.


Customer relations management can be called the most crucial task for any company. The organization’s growth depends on its’ customers, so managing and retaining them is the most critical element in creating a reputation in the market.

The tech-savvy generation came up with an automated solution for CRM concerns. It manages the generated leads, stores customers’ data, identifies sales opportunities, records service issues, and handles marketing campaigns. The system assists sales executives and improves productivity. Below-mentioned is top softwares with notable features to improve the workflow:

1. Zoho

Zoho is a CRM software improving the customer relation workflow. Some of the significant features of the system are activity tracking, appointment management, scheduling, business cards, campaign analytics, collaboration tools, customer surveys, dashboards, and sales analytics. In addition, it provides real-time notifications when a customer interacts with the business and helps in keeping track of key performance indicators.

2. Scoro

Scoro is a digital tool enhancing customer relations activities. The system enables features like activity dashboards, reminders, email templates, interaction tracking, lead generation, progress tracking, real-time analytics, sales reports, and task planning. In addition, an organization can get a 360-degree view of customers’ profiles, including communication history, contact details, projects, and invoices.

Website Monitoring

Organizations that exist only on the web or sales are wholly based on their digital appearance are bound to maintain their site and its rankings. Monitoring the site and improving its ranking demands plenty of time and patience.

The tech generation has a solution for this concern also. Web service providers mainly benefit from these website monitoring tools. It indicates to a business how their site is performing on the web and alerts when it’s downtime so that the company can resolve the issues quickly. Here are some efficient softwares to note for monitoring the website:

1. Sematext

Sematext is a digital website monitoring tool for companies to keep track of how their site is performing on the web. Different essential components are ad hoc reporting, big data analytics, collaboration tools, multi-cloud management, network analysis, server monitoring, and web traffic reporting. In addition, organizations can monitor the site from multiple locations, browsers, and devices.

2. UptimeRobot

UptimeRobot helps various organizations in their site monitoring and evaluating activities. The system enables multiple features such as alerts, maintenance mode, SSL page monitoring, and website availability. In addition, the software verifies different incidents from various locations enables custom HTTP requests and maintenance windows to pause the monitoring during maintenance.

To Sum Up

We went through the tech tools used for executing different business activities and the features they offer. The implication of digital tools and services is overgrowing in every sector. So, we can say that technology can redefine businesses and their different functions.

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